Please Help Me Choose!!

  1. HI all....I would love your thoughts on which bag I should keep. They are both my NAP, and the edith I must say is much more stiff than I would like....would it soften up the longer I have it?? Thanks:heart:
    Picture 132.jpg Picture 133.jpg Picture 134.jpg
  2. They are both very nice, but if I had to choose one, I would choose the classic Edith, although I really like the bowler style. I have the Edith in whiskey and it was a little stiff when I first got it, but it has soften considerably. Good luck with your choice. Is keeping both a possibility??
  3. vote for classic edith too....!! i think it looks more lady elegant than bowler, thou bowler is nice too, it seems more bulky...
  4. same here. go for the classic one
  5. Another vote for the classic. There's just something cool and old-school charming about it. The shoulder strap on the Edith messenger will help, too. I've been carrying mine around (Edith messenger in whisky), and I can't imagine not having the option of slinging it on my shoulder.
  6. The edith is the one that I was leaning towards as well....the only thing that worried me was the fact that the leather is so stiff....maybe I'm just use to my paddy. I wish I could keep both, but I teach pre-school and am broke as a joke now:shame:
  7. Should I try to smush edith to soften her up a bit:confused1:
  8. I have to say the classic edith- Look at how gorgeous this is
  9. I agree the classic edith is so gorgeous.......
  10. Jag the pic you posted did not the way I still owe you a pic of my well loved paddy!!
  11. My vote goes for Edith too.
  12. Yes you do:p I just tried to recopy the pic you posted of the Edith. I just think it is gorgeous, and I know it will break in and get softer with use. I truly believe that the classic Edith is the way to go!
  13. I vote for the classic edith
  14. Do you all find that strap hard to remove?
  15. Maybe you should model them to see them on you!

    The Classic Edith might be more versatile becuase you can carry it both ways.

    in term of the leather well I think its luck of the draw. I have a whiskey classic satchel and it is soft and grainy. Not a smooth leather!

    I might buy the messenger in black as well so we'll see how that one turns out!

    BTW, can you wear the bowler as a shoulder bag?