Please help me choose!

  1. Hello all!!!! :welcome:

    I am ready to get a new bag......but I have been sitting here for about two days wondering which bag to get.....

    So here are my choices....

    Your imput will be greatly appreciated, as I value your opinions and taste in bags!!!

    [​IMG]Betsy Johnson "Betsyville"

    [​IMG]Fossil leather "Eco-adventrue" bag

    [​IMG]Lucky Brand Jeans leather "Foldover" bag.

    I love the Fossil bag mostly, but I was wondering what you thought of the style. Also, I'm loving the fun quality of the Betsy Johnson bag, and the gorgeous leather of the Lucky Brand bag. My concern for the Lucky Brand bag, is that it will look like a "man-bag," and I'm very girly...but I still think its gorgeous......sooooo can you ladies help me???

  2. I actually have that Lucky Brand bag, and it is really nice. Great leather, perfect size and plenty of pockets. Mine is in Navy though. I think you will like it. I'm not crazy about those Betsyville bags.
  3. Yes, misslola, I was eyeing the Lucky Brand bag in Navy too, I actually think the Navy color would make it look more feminine.

    Thanks for your imput!
  4. First off, congrats on your wedding! I hope you two have a wonderful future together and make lots of babies ;) I think you should choose the lucky bag. I love its style, it gives off a laid back kinda vibe. Great bag for casual, comfortable every day wear! I would pair it with jeans a casual long t-shirt (white) and some leather flip flops and accessorize with a long gold necklace and pendant. Simple and cute just the way I like it without having to try so hard. Happy Shopping and have a great Honeymoon :yahoo:
  5. Awww!!!!! Thank you! You are sooo sweet! Thanks for your reply!
  6. Out of the 3 pictures, I also prefer the Lucky bag - and I don't think it looks like a man bag - I wouldn't see any men with it carrying it around hahhaa! I think it looks lovely and practical!

    Btw - Congrats on your wedding! I can't believe its so soon! I still remember the counter going when it was like 6 months until the wedding or something like that - look at how fast time flew by!~
  7. You are too sweet. I know! I can't believe it's here all ready!!!! :yahoo: I'm so excited. Thanks for the imput...seems like that's the most popular choice. It is a nice bag.....
  8. Don't want to throw a spanner in the works here, but I like the Fossil bag. Think it's really interesting and looks like it would break in nicely.

    And enjoy your wedding, almost here!!!
  9. Congratulations on your wedding! Best wishes to you and the lucky guy.

    I'd choose the Betsey Johnson bag out of the three. It's deffinatly very fun and unusual and it just stands out more to me than the others. I also like the conrast between the patent and metallic leathers. The only concern I'd have is that it might be a little too different to go with a lot of your clothes, but of course you can be the judge of that : )
  10. Thanks everyone for responding! Now I'm really confused though:p

    I really love the Fossil, but the Lucky Brand is a close second....I just don't know.....I can't decide between the two. I have decided, however, that it's gonna be one of those two, caz I really need a brown bag.....but I just can't choose...:sweatdrop:
  11. Congrats on your wedding! I like both the Lucky and Fossil bags - are they about the same size?
  12. Yes, just about, I think the Fossil may be a tiny bit bigger. Both are nice sized bags though. I love the style of the Fossil, but the Lucky Brand looks sooo yummy as well. I was set on the Lucky Brand earlier this evening, but now I just keep looking at the Fossil...:wtf:
  13. It sounds like you like the Fossil one more. I say get that one. :smile:
  14. Yup, I think I do like the Fossil a wee bit more....I think I may have to go with the...dun, dun, dunna!--Fossil!:yahoo:
  15. Congratulation to your wedding! Wish you will be the most beautiful and happiest bride.

    Among the three. I like Fossil the best.