please help me choose


luxe flap vs. expandable flap

  1. dark silver luxe flap

  2. black expandable flap

  3. blue expandable flap

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  1. I was having second thought about buying the exoandable flap. I decided not to get it for now. Another bag that I kinda like is the luxe flap. Can you ladies help me decide between the two?
  2. I'd get the luxe flap and may be the expandable later.
  3. i love the luxe flap - i have the bronze one - the dark silver is gorgeous! I would have chosen that color if i didn't already have a muse in in a similar color. You will enjoy the flap - a great bag.
  4. I'm not crazy about the expandables. Not original and I think probably totaly useless. Sorry.
  5. I like Quilted Chanel so I vote for the expandable!
  6. i'll help you make your decision by posting pics of my luxe flap and what fits inside (as promised) tonight...thanks for being patient!:flowers:
    i'd get the luxe flap now and the expandable at a later date if you realize you can't live without it.
  7. I voted for the dark silver luxe flap!
  8. thanks for the votes ladies. i am also kind of leaning towards the luxe flap. i really lova how the expandable looks but am worried that it is too fragile. i have been wearing my vintage ligne tote (which i think has similar leather to the expandable) and i keep worrying that i will scratch the leather or something.....
  9. I voted for the luxe flap....don't have one yet but it may be my next bag. I just love the look of it.
  10. definitely prefer the luxe flap, it is such a hot bag!
  11. I'd get the luxe flap :yes:
  12. I vote for luxe flap. I don't like expandable.
  13. I have a luxe flap and it is my favorite bag! So I may be biased but I vote for luxe flap. LOL.
  14. Although, I like the both, I would go for the Luxe flap.
  15. i would say get the luxe flap