Please Help Me Choose :)

  1. Hello ladies, this is my first time posting in the Coach forum! :shame:

    I'm thinking of getting a nice white bag for spring, and I'm considering these two:

    Legacy Ali Leather Shoulder Flap

    Pebbled Leather Shoulder Tote

    Which do you think would be better?
    Also, do you think a white bag would get dirty easily?

    Thanks in advance! :smile:
  2. I vote for the Ali, but the shoulder tote is a very classic piece as well. Welcome to the Coach forum!
  3. I have the pebbled leather shoulder in camel and I like it but it's a big bag and sometimes feels like a bottomless pit. The clasp that holds it together at the top can also be slightly awkward to manuever around. It sits on the shoulder really well though.
  4. They are both really nice in white, but I think I like the looks of the tote better myself.
  5. Ali!
  6. I love the Ali!!
  7. I vote for the Ali. I had always bypassed her in the store because I thought she was too big but today I tried it on and fell in LOVE. I got the black one though but the white is gorgeous.
  8. Ali
  9. Thanks for the input ladies! :heart:

    I'm leaning towards the Ali now... but I think I'll have to go see them in person and decide! :wlae:
  10. personally i like the ali!!
  11. I have the pebbled white leather tote (haven't used it yet, it isn't after Easter --- LOL) I decided on the tote because it is more classic and I don't see me carrying a white bag everyday, and thought the tote would not be as dated.
    Just my 2 cents worth
  12. Thanks depthxofxdreams and snazzylady :smile:

    I agree that the tote is more classic and will probably be more versatile, too.

    tough decisions! :push:
  13. Hi tyrrhenia! Welcome to tPF Coach board! I like both bags but I think I'd pick the Ali if I had to choose between the two. I have nine Legacy pieces (including accessories) and I can't say enough good things about the collection. You really can't go wrong! I am a slave to the Legacy collection! :p
  14. Get the Ali. I own two of them, one in whiskey and one in White. I love them both so much.
    You will not regret buying this bag. It is one of the best bags Coach has ever made.:jammin:
  15. Ali is my current fav. I also own the shoulder bag ( denim patch ). I say get both!