Please help me choose!

  1. So, I've been wanting the watercolor stripe tote and planned on buying it in April, but today I was in TJMaxx and saw a bag I have wanted forever! The Straw Flower and Bee Motif tote for only $ 200 ! (MSRP $ 398) Now I'm torn and I can't buy both, so please help me choose. Here are pics of both. [​IMG]
  2. Personally, I'd go with the watercolor tote. However the straw bag would go with more and $200 is a great deal. I'm not a lot of help, but if I had to choose this second, I'd go with watercolor.....
  3. I think the Bee bag is so cute :yes:. Although, I'm probably in the minority, but I dont care for the watercolor.
  4. They had one of the straw bags at a TJ Maxx here last week for the same price. I looked at it and then passed. I would go with the watercolor stripe. I think it's a great combination of colors and is very summery.
  5. I prefer the bee bag. Maybe for my own personal reasons since I already own the shoes!
  6. I personally love the watercolor tote. Let us know what you choose.
  7. Thanks for the help, ladies. I'll let you know tomorrow because I'm sure that if I don't go back for the bee tote first thing, it will be gone.
  8. I really like the bee tote! It seems like you would get more use out of the bee tote. Post pics when you get it!!!!
  9. Oh I love both bags, hard choice! Both are great spring/summer bags! Good luck
  10. Bee, for sure.
    I really am not a fan of the watercolor collection because it looks cheap [sorry if I offended anyone :sad: ].
  11. TJ Maxx has layaway..can you put it on layaway for now as a way to keep it for a further decide......i think lawayay charge is like 5.00 plus an extra % of the cost of the get that back if you decide within that month you don't want the just lose the $5.00....
    how bout that??!!!!!
    BTW...i'm not fond of the water color tote..but do like the gallery tote with bee probably wont find this again........good luck!!!
  12. I have the straw tote and absolutely love it. I am still looking for all the accessories to go with it. It is perfect for Spring and I can't wait to break it out soon as it has been sleeping all winter.
  13. I passed on the bee tote myself at my local Marshalls.

    reasons? (JMO - don't want to offend anyone)

    1. the handle straps are not that's uncomfortable to wear on the shoulder for me...turning it into a hand held/crook of the arm only bag...and I think it's too big for that.

    2. it's kinda boxy...maybe it'll relax over time, but I felt like I had a box shoved under my arm.

    3. it's a very "young" bag.

    I would go with the watercolor stripe...any age can get away with a striped bag, it's very "free form" and good for a spring/summer bag (not structured). and it fits more comfortably over the shoulder.

    again..these are just my opinions...
  14. I like the bee better. Get what you love though.
  15. i like the straw but thats probably bc the first coach i bought was a demi in the straw...but i looove the watercolor sooo um yea im not good at making these kind of decision :wtf: