Please help me choose

  1. So, I guess many of you prefer Speedy. I like it, too, but I'm more of a shoulder bag girl. Which one's better, Papillon or Bucket? I can't decide!! The only bad thing about the Bucket is that it doesn't have a zipper on top and I'm a clumsy girl. As for Papillon, I don't know if I'm crazy about the shape.
  2. The bucket for sure..the Papillon really isn't a great shoulder bag IMO.
  3. Bucket! It's sooo adorable!
  4. Doesn't the bucket come with that cream lining that can flake? I thought I have seen a few posts about people replacing their bucket linings. I also felt the bucket handles were not sturdy. I ordered a bucket and sent it right back on the handle issue alone. I do love the bucket as a design.
  5. Papillion is nice, bucket is as sweet ..though its reali depends on which line of LV ur lkg at? Eg.. i wld prefer bucket in Mini Lin, very subtle and sweet.. as for Papilion, the damier would be classier... :idea:
  6. petit bucket
  7. That really is a tough call. I think bucket would be more practical.
  8. bucket. papillon is a bit small IMO....
  9. I like the look of the papillon better but the bucket sits on the shoulders more comfy:yes:
  10. For a shoulder bag (if you want mono) try the Bh. I love mine and it is comfortable on the shoulder.
  11. I like the Papillon more.
  12. papillion is cuter, but bucket is more versatile!
  13. I like the bucket over the papillon, although my favorite shoulder bag is a batignolles horizontal
  14. The papillon is SO cute!
  15. neither for me. papillon fits funny over the should, same with bucket. I find they both tend to fall off my shoulder. I would go with B. horizontal