Please help me choose! YSL toy loulou or Chanel?

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  1. Hi,

    I am really torn between the following three bags. I do not own any YSL but currently have a classic black jumbo Chanel silver hardware and a Chanel medium sized ivory chevron boy bag. I love Chanel and has better resale value (I get bored of bags easily lol) and this is why I continue to buy, however it is a lot more initial outlay. I also want a bag with a pop of colour as most of my collection is dark colours.

    The yellow one I would buy new and it costs £3200, the red Chanel is used and costs £1900 and the YSL brand new and costs £800.

    Please help I can’t decide! Which bag do you prefer?

  2. Huge price difference between the Chanel Yellow and the red YSL. I do like the design of the yellow Chanel but I wouldn’t pay full price for it, especially that colour. The preowned red is nice and classic and better price point. The YSL red is super cute and stunning colour, and won’t ruin your bank balance too much. :smile:
  3. Thanks for the reply. I’ve decided not to go for any! The YSL the logo is a bit too big for me, the red Chanel is nice but I prefer the yellow chevron design. But I don’t want to pay £3200!!! Perhaps I’ll hold out for a used one
  4. I like rich colours, so based on the pics, I will go with the yellow from chanel or the red from YSL. That yellow is very, very beautiful to me.
  5. Thank you I ended up getting a Miu Miu ok the end which worked at a fraction of the price of all of them!!