please help me choose which twiggy to get.


which twiggy color you prefer?

  1. vert d'eau

  2. anthracite

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. hi girls

    please advise me on which twiggy i should get. it is either vert d'eau (still waiting it to arrive from aloha rag but i can always return/exchange) or anthracite. which of these colors do you prefer? thanks a bunch! :heart:
  2. I say both! Haha! I'm no help! I really love both colors. VD would be a great spring/summer color, anthracite is like my everyday kind of bag.
  3. I prefer darker colors and i will vote for anthracite twiggy....;)
  4. I voted Anthracite because it is going to be handheld mainly, right? As I would then be worried about the darkening of the handles... They are both beautiful though! Hope you find the one you love, Robotdoll!:yes:
  5. Anthracite!:p
  6. Anthracite!
  7. okay, anthracite is winning. that means i am going have to return the vert d'eau to aloha rag again:sweatdrop: . they are going to kill me. i originally exchanged the first VD twiggy for another one because there were some flaw with the leather.

    i really love VD too but i know it is going to get dirty fast. thanks for all your lovely inputs. you girls are always the best:love: .
  8. Well, glad to hear you chose anthra, coz I just voted for it :nuts:
  9. I vote for anthracite too! :smile:
  10. Of course I'm going to say Anthracite!
  11. Why not keep your Vert D'Eau for spring/summer and then sell it at the end of the season to fund an Anthracite Twiggy? Just so you can enjoy it for a while, and not have to worry about the restocking fee, etc. for returning your purchase...
  12. robotdoll, I think you made the right decision! I have a vert d'eau first but I much prefer the twiggy in anthracite.
  13. I saw a pic of the Vert Deau twiggy and it was so cute. I'm not a huge fan of Antracite (but it's just a personal opinion).
  14. my vote goes to anthracite!
  15. thanks girls for your input!

    in case anyone is wondering, vert d'eau is really pretty in real life. i guess i just want a green in my collection. i love anthracite too. the only thing that is stopping me from getting one is that i already have a black, and 3 ink bags:p .

    i will think it over the weekend and send the green baby back to aloha rag on monday.

    BTW, does anyone know how many exchanges can be done with aloha rag without being charge for the restocking shipping fee? i was not charged for the first exchange, but i don't know if it was because there were a flaw with the leather. thanks in advance!