Please help me choose which color for fall/winter!!!

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  1. Ok, seriously, this is my last post for today because I have been on TPF all weekend and I have a million other things I need to be doing!

    Here's the rundown:

    -I ordered the Hamptons leather Carryall in black yesterday from Coach and will receive it this week. I love the black and silver hardware but the price tag was $698 and outside my comfort zone.

    -I really like the Hamptons leather Flap bag as well and think I want to get one and compare it to the carryall and choose just ONE of the bags. Crazy idea?

    Here is where I need your help! I wear mostly black, gray, purple, red, blues. I have a black coat and a charcoal peacoat. I also have gray Uggs and black leather boots and a black leather Zoe wallet with silver hardware.

    Should I order the ivory/silver hardware Hamptons flap or the walnut with gold hardware.

    Ivory would probably match better where the walnut would be a punch of color. Ivory reminds me of Cameron Diaz's wardrobe in The Holiday :smile:

    So which one ladies?! TIA!!!
  2. I personally enjoy a 'punch of color' as you describe it. I too wear mostly black and darker colors, but the bag I am currently carrying is cobalt blue.

    My suggestion would be the ivory - because it's such a versatile color. There's the risk of color transfer if it's constantly paired with darker colors, though. Walnut might be the better option in that case.

    Good luck! You'll enjoy which ever you choose!
  3. Is there a way to prevent color transfer?
  4. I'll say get the walnut! I love that color for fall. Where did you find a walnut Hampton leather flap?
  5. There are leather protection solutions and creams available, but the degree to which they actually protect will vary.

    I have the ivory leather Carly and have had denim color transfer even with a protective care cream on the bag. The color transfer came out easy with a white rubber eraser, but I suspect not all color transfer will be as easy. Denim is generally a loose dye and is probably easier to deal with than others. Hope that helps!
  6. I vote for the ivory- I got an ivory/silver brooke last fall and was pleasantly surprised at how well it went with virtually everything. It actually "pops" in a subtle way, espec. with the colors in your wardrobe.
  7. Well u already know I have the ivory, and as much as I do worry about the color transfer, I love this bag too much to part with it! The silver hardware against the ivory leather is soooo pretty, and the dark brown interior is fabulous with this bag. I plan to wear it with alot of grays and browns this fall and winter. I think it's going to look fab!
  8. I have had a white leather bag and there was color transfer (light since I appled it to avoid most of it) and I was worrying about it all of the time so I got rid of it.

    I vote walnut. As someone above asked- I am curious where you found it because I thought it was sold out
  9. There is one on the Bay. (Not my auction, obviously :smile:
  10. I vote to get the walnut. I would rather enjoy my bag alot more than always fear ruining it. If you got the ivory that would most likely be the case.
  11. I say Ivory. It's a clean, versatile color.
  12. I vote for the Ivory!! The punch of color would be great against your wardrobe. I think Ivory is actually a great year round color whereas the walnut might not be. I'm biased though...I love white bags and it's worth the extra care IMO.
  13. Huge, huge fan of lighter colored bags here! I have the ivory flap, and it's amazing! The lining is a gorgeous, luscious, chocolate! It's stunning! Based on your wardrobe, I'd definitely go for ivory--beautiful!