Please help me choose which boots to keep! *(PICS of them on inside)*

  1. They are the miss sixty bliss.

    Option #1- Keep CAMEL & BLACK

    Option #2- Keep CAMEL & GREY

    Option #3- Keep ALL of them?

    Heres the pics! (Ignore my dirty mirror lol:shame:smile:


    TIA! :smile:
  2. Camel and gray! The gray is more fun and can be worn with black and the camel are GORGY!!
  3. option 3!!
    i like the black and the grey!
  4. My first thought was all of them, but....

    I can never make a decision, and I always find when I have them that I do use them. But wouldn't you maybe like another style too?

    I know its says if the shoe fits buy it in every colour...and I wholeheartedly support that!!!

    But only as long as it doesn't leave you short for something else thats delicious later!!!:lol:
  5. I say camel and black. Camel is a neutral you can wear with anything, and black is just classic.
  6. Camel and black. Black and grey are very similiar.
  7. Camel and Gray!!!
  8. OPTION TWO!!! Camel and grey!!!! Grey is so fresh right now and the camel is spectacular!!
  9. You have the same boots as Lauren Conrad that I LOVE!! They look great on you. Definitely camel and black.
  10. camel and grey for sure. gorgeous!
  11. Camel and Black!!!
  12. i'd pick camel & grey only because i have lots of pair black already.
  13. I would pick them all! lol
    BUT...if you really have to choose, I would say camel & grey ONLY if you have a million black boots or a black boot in a similar style.
    by the way...who makes them? Chloe?
  14. They are the miss sixty bliss boots. I couldn't afford 3 pairs of boots if they were chloe lol.:lol:
  15. it's pretty much a definite that the camels should be a keeper.

    now between the black and the grey, I am leaning toward the grey...they're just as versatile as the black and a great color

    congrats, they're beautiful! where did you get them?