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  1. I am going to be traveling for work. I have a casual job (I live in jeans) and I am looking for a small bag or wallet on a chain that I can carry with my backpack everyday and when I go out. I may on occasion put it in my backpack that hold my laptop and work files. I have a pochette felice and it is a tad small as I want it to hold my iPhone 10 with an extended battery on it, AirPods, passport and plane ticket.

    I am looking at a Twice in red (preloved) or a Pouchette Mylock Me in black.

    I like the Mylock me as it has 6 credit card slots and will hold my phone, but I am concerned it is too dressy for everyday and may scratch easily. I love that it has a wristlet and crossbody strap.

    The Twice looks like it will hold everything. It has 2 pockets and you can put things in the center as well. It is made of empireinte leather - might be more durable. Strap is permanently attached. I wear black for work so it would add a nice pop of color.

    Help. Thanks. :smile:

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  2. I prefer the Mylock Me - maybe a pochette metis empreinte would be a good middle ground, though? The Mylock me really isn't terribly dressy and though the leather seems delicate, it's not.
  3. I love the MyLockMe!
  4. I'm looking at the Lockme ever BB which according to the LV website is new for fall 2019.
  5. I think the Pochette Mylock Me is more of a WOC and a bit smaller than the Twice. I think it can be both dressed down and up a bit, depending on what you're wearing, I like the black one a lot :smile: (but not a fan of the two-toned).

    I have the Twice in black and I love this bag, I can fit in my sunglasses, a reusable shopping bag, a small (non LV) cosmetic pouch, a passport, an LV 4 key holder and Airpods and probably something else on top and I think it looks nice enough to wear in the evenings (but more dinner with friends than something very fancy). The bag is pretty care free..

    That being said - if you love them both you can probably buy them for more or less the same price, so always depends how comfortable you are buying pre-loved (my Twice is preloved, but there is something great about getting a brand new bag..)
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