Please help me choose which accessory!!!

  1. hello hello!

    well, work's been absolute hell lately, but tomorrow i'm taking a quick trip down bloor! I'm thinking i deserve to treat myself to a lil somethin' somethin'....if i had my way, i'd be picking up a beautiful black neo cabby gm,'s a bit soon to be buying another hefty lv purchase.

    initially i was thinking of getting some sort of keychain/charm to spice up my trevi, but when i think about spending a few hundred dollars for a charm it makes me a lil uneasy.:sweatdrop:

    i've been wanting chanel earrings for a while now (either plan studs, dangly studs, or small crystal ones)...which should be around $200-300CDN. HOWEVER, i'm also contemplating getting a zippy coin wallet. I had purchased one for my mom for her b-day, but it ended up getting returned and the money put towards her ph.

    the thing is, as adorable as the wallet is (and for such a great price), i inherited a vintage long zippy gucci wallet 2 months ago which i've been using on a daily basis...and with all that room do i really want to have to "downgrade" myself to a much tinier wallet?

    so (and i'm fully aware this is the lv forum :rolleyes:) what would you do if you were me - go with the chanel earrings, or pick up the zippy coin wallet?:confused1:
  2. ok don't shoot me for saying this but i'm going to say the earings! because you don't seem like you are in need of a wallet right now :smile:
  3. why dont you get some kind of cles? like a vernis or mc??
  4. ^^^ Great Idea. I have 2 cles.. And i want more.. Its really useful. For keys, Hp, Coins, CC.. the possibilities are endless..
  5. ^^i agree, i've thought about a cles just b/c it seems like something small, cute, and useful to have...but really all my coins and credit cards fit in my long wallet, and i have a cute key chain for my keys.

    halona - that's what i was thinking too...if i didn't have the gucci wallet i'd for sure buy the zippy since it's such a great price...but there's still lots of wear i could get out of the gucci......altho i suppose i could get the zippy and give the gucci a "rest"
  6. very true! i love the zippy coin wallet too... but I am hoping it will eventually come out in AZUR!
  7. I'd go chanel CC rhinestone earrings! lol
  8. If Chanel made those earrings in gold I would totally buy them (I am allergic to metal...) I say go for the earrings too!
  9. Earrings! they are so gorgeous!
  10. How about the earrings and a cles? (since you really don't need a wallet and cles are great!) Be greedy and get something from LV and Chanel!
  11. the vernis cles in pomme would look awesome on your trevi!
  12. earrings!!!!!
  13. earrings and pink vernis cles :biggrin: just to hang it on your trevi!