Please help me choose :) This or that?


Oxblood or Black?

  1. Oxblood

  2. Black

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  1. Hey guys! Having a hard time trying to decide which bag to keep. They're both Rebecca Minkoff Regan satchels. I don't own any RM bags but I like this style because it vaguely reminds me of Balenciaga haha. Especially the black one--it really reminds me of the City bags. Scored them both on sale but it seems like overkill to keep both...but I love them and they seem so different! So which do you prefer?



  2. if you already have too many black bags in ur collection then I would go with oxblood. I love deep reds/burgundy colors and oxblood looks like a great color to me
  3. Black ! I feel this rectangular shape go with black better. They are both very nice no matter which one you choose! :biggrin:
  4. Thanks guys!
  5. I like the oxblood.
  6. oxblood!
  7. Black!!!
  8. For some reason the oxblood looks more expensive and classy, I vote oxblood!
  9. Oxblood! More classy and outstanding compared to the black.
  10. I love both. If you don't have a black bag, keep the black. If you do have a black bag, keep the oxblood!