Please help me choose the size of Chanel business affinity! Which looks better in your opinion?

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  1. It drives me crazy that I can’t choose between small and medium size of business affinity. I think I like the look of small as it’s very understated and elegant and seems more structured, but medium holds considerably more. Please help me decide, just reading some of your threads helped me a lot already, so decided to join your lovely community. Thanks in advance

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  2. What size is that?
  3. First is medium and second picture is small
  4. Medium ❤️
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  5. Medium :smile:
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  6. Thank you for your replies ladies
  7. I like the small one more, but both are great choises:wave:
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  8. I like small on you but I still choose Medium as I think a Small is quite useless at least based on my needs
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  9. small:smile:
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  10. that’s exactly how I feel, I can fit all my essentials but by downsizing e.g. purse to card holder , sunglasses in soft pouch rather than original case...whereas medium you can just throw everything in
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  11. Small. I’m looking to get this bag too. Hopefully they have it in London in a few weeks :smile:
  12. I don’t know current season Medium but mine is from Sept last year and I cannot fit regular wallet in it. Anything larger than 19cm doesn’t work. But now BA has fabric lining instead of leather as in previous seasons so maybe it has more give. I use compact wallet or coin/card purse in mine and already downsizing to soft pouch for sunglasses. I have 2 Minis and a WOC already so the Small will be the same capacity that’s why I went for Medium. Besides, for my frame Medium sits better. I am 5’4 and 135lbs for reference
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  13. Yes they do, it’s available in pink, grey and blue
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  14. I’m also 5’4, 140 lbs but strangely medium looks slightly too big on me for my liking. When I tried putting my stuff in medium, I could easily fit purse, phone, small perfume, AirPods, sunglasses, phone charger and still be left with plenty of room. So torn, I never had this issue, always knew exactly what I wanted, but with BA one minute it’s definitely small, next - definitely medium
  15. Medium!
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