Please help me choose styles

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Please help me choose bbag style (for Marine and French Blue)

  1. Marine city and French Blue city

  2. Marine city and French Blue twiggy

  3. Marine twiggy and French Blue city

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  1. I have decided to get Marine and French blue....Let me tell you it was extremely hard to narrow it down to two. :crybaby: I already have Ink Work, which I find a little too big for me (I am 5'3" and "fuller figure" ;) )

    Should I get:

    Marine City and French Blue city
    Marine city and French Blue twiggy
    Marine twiggy and French Blue city
  2. Personnally, I like dark &/or bright cities and light/bright twiggys
  3. I like dark City and light Twig.
  4. i agree...darker for city, lighter for twiggy :smile:
  5. Same here marine city, FB twiggy!
  6. I think you should get a marine city and FB twiggy....If I were you I would do it this way so you can shake up the size of the bags, making each of the blues unique that way!
  7. I don't like the twiggy. So CITY n CITY it is for me!!
  8. city & city!! :jammin:
    tried to like the twiggy style.. but unfortunately i couldnt!! :crybaby: