Please help me choose!! Saleya MM or Speedy 25 (Damier)


Saleya MM or Speedy 25 (damier)

  1. saleya mm

  2. speedy 25 (damier)

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  1. I so can't decide b/w the 2. :s I just got a mono speedy 30 lately and am in love w/ it. After going through all those pics from you guys on how lovely a speedy 25 looks, I'm so tempted to get one cuz it's just TOO CUTE!!! (and so i can get a sister for my speedy 30 :P ) I think i can use the speedy 25 as a going out bag and for work sometimes too. However, i also like the saleya mm since i always like bigger bags for work and this will be my work bag most of the time...eventually, i might make use of the saleya mm more cuz i go to work 5 days a week :P.

    what should i do? price is increasing soon and it takes me so long to fall asleep thinking of which one to choose! i so wanna get both but just can't afford for now.

    please help!!...i'm about 5'6 and 120lbs...does it help :rolleyes: !?
  2. Saleya MM !:love:
  3. if you are happy with a mono speedy 30 you'll find the speedy 25 too small.

    Plus the speedy and saleya are totally different bags. Are you looking for a shoulder bag ? if so go with the saleya mm
  4. Voted for the Saleya MM! LOVE the Saleya!

    Plus... it'll be some variety since it's more different from the Speedy 30 you already have! Also - the price increase "savings" will be more since the Saleya is costlier than the Speedy.
  5. saleya mm.

  6. yes, i know they're 2 totally different bags (except they're both damier i guess :P ), but i don't even know what kind of bag I want more!! i think i want both, one for going out and one for work, but i can't afford both right now :sad: !! i hate it..i'm so undecisive....why are LVs so pretty that i can't get enough of!!!!????

    but now that i think about it, yea, maybe i want a shoulder bag....since the speedy is handheld!

  7. yes, u're very right...very good point! i'll save more for the saleya! but don't u think speedies are more valued bags though?
  8. I voted for the Saleya MM. It sounds like you will be using it more and it will add a bit more variety to your collection.
  9. wow, am i the only one who voted for the speedy? heh! i have the mono 30 too and i want the daimer speedy 25 next! (it's so cute).

    good luck deciding though!
  10. Hmm I would probably do the Saleya...I am leaning towards getting a GM myself:smile: I love BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG bags but I'm 5'10" so they don't look too huge on me:smile:
  11. :yes: I think the Saleya MM
  12. I agree, saleya...good to mix it up, plus then you'll have a shoulder bag too!
  13. Saleya
  14. If I did not have sooo much brown in my purse collection I would go with The saleya it is sooo nice........
  15. I am so about to click the saleya mm on elux, but every second I think about the damier speedy 25, I have second thoughts! Gosh...I wish I can have both haha!! I'll give it till the end of the day and go w/ the majority of votes!

    But don't you guys think that speedy is a more valued bag cuz of its wellknown style and history? Hope i don't sound like i'm convincing myself towards the speedy....