please help me choose!!! rodeo vinyl tote or red double compartment flap

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beige vinyl tote or red double compartment flap?

  1. Beige rodeo vinyl tote

  2. Red double compartment flap

  3. Neither, save the money, there will be better ones coming along!

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  1. #1 Aug 21, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2008
    Hi ladies, I'm so torn between these 2 bags, I wish I can get them both, but my bank account doesn't allow me to, so please help me choose between these two. I already have 2 black flaps, one white wallet on the chain, one black GST, I'm looking for a causual yet versatile Chanel. my friend has the double compartment flap in navy, I think it looks nice and casual when it's worn single chained, plus it's roomy, I love the red but at the same time it's what's pulling me back because it's such a bright and sharp color, i'm afraid it's gonna be hard to wear. On the other hand, the beige vinyl tote has won my heart too, i think it looks a lot nicer IRL than the pic, it gives a very casual look which I want, but it's vinyl, I don't know if it's worth the investment:Push:
    If you were me, which one would you choose? both of these are about the same price I think.

    (I borrowed these photos from ebay)

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  2. LOVE the red! Since you have neutral color bags already, maybe a red will be good.
  3. I vote for the red
  4. I vote for the red
  5. I like the red! I've just become a real Chanel patent fan. Have you considered the burgandy bon bons tote for fall act II. The colour is a more subtle red than the flap and the shape is simliar to the vinyl rodeo except that it's patent instaed of vinyl, so you have best of both worlds!
  6. I love the red too! The red is so beautiful and bright. But if you need casual bag, you should go for the beige one. The shape and the color is more for daily use bag.

  7. Thanks for your sugguestion Syma, I'm sorry i'm not a burgandy fan... but I love the bon bon tote, only if it comes in a brighter color, lol
  8. for sure the red! you'd be surprised how versatile it really is...i really love it and its great to have color in your Chanel family!!
  9. I vote the red as well.
  10. IMO, i would choose the Red flap over the Rodeo, im not at all crazy about vinyl,
  11. Another vote for the red....the color is fabulous...However, IMO the rodeo vinyl may be a better everyday bag...Enjoy whichever bag you choose...
  12. Does the double compartment flap come in different sizes? I've only seen one size and it was quite small IRL and kind of bulky. It's a gorgeous color though! I too love patent, but also think the rodeo is quite versatile.
  13. RED!!!:drool:
  14. Beige rodeo vinyl! Very pretty and you can wear it with more. Plus, vinyl holds up really well and its alot bigger than the red flap so you can put more things in it.
  15. Sorry i will not choose any of the bag here, i will rather you save it for better ones coming along!~