Please help me choose. Red old medium boy with aged gold or aged silver

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  1. Please help decide on what color chain for a true red / lipstick red. Gold rothetium or silver rothetium.

    Thank you!
  2. Depends if you like gold or silver. I don't like gold at all.

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  3. Thank you for replying!
  4. Really depends on what you like. I have started really loving the Ruthenium HW. With a lipstick red I would prefer RH. I used to love gold but somehow with the boy bag I love the RH.
  5. I love red with gold
  6. Red with silver would be my vote! But I tend to choose silver over gold if given the choice.
  7. Red with gold is classy and classic. RHW looks rusty to me.
  8. Just to clarify.... There is no such thing as gold ruthenium or silver ruthenium. Ruthenium is ruthenium . Are u asking between gold, silver, or ruthenium?? For the boy, my absolute favorite is ruthenium hardware. Nothing else looks as cool and edgy, it fits the style best in my opinion!
  9. Thank you for replying. Thank you for the clarifying. I meant what color combo would look good in the 15A lipstick red with silver, gold or ruthenium in the old medium boy bag.

    I'm always love the lipstick red classic flap with gold hardware.

    Now that I started to like the boy bag. I saw for the first time in the perfect bright red. But torn between what color chain. I don't know if I liked the gold because I want the classic lipstick red in gold but I can't find it. Or I'm use to to that combo. I don't know. One look for classy and one look more edgy.
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  10. I prefer lipstick red with ruthenium hardware.
  11. Ruthenium!
  12. +1
  13. IMO boy looks cool in either silver or ruthenium but then I don't like GHW so I'm biased :smile:
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  14. Red looks better with silver in my opinion. Red and gold reminds me of Christmas.
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  15. I think It's more outstanding with gold hardward.