Please help me choose Prada Saffiano between Nero and Cameo

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  1. Hi,guys.I couldn't make any decision for my new baby.I love both colors.Could you please help me between Black Nero or Cameo ?Which color that i won't get bored in the future!! ;) and i can use also often for my daily life.please give me the reason,i need more post!!.Thanks.
  2. I vote for black, it's timeless and goes with nearly everything.
  3. Between the 2 you listed, I say black.. But generally I love the saffiano most in caramel and red.. I feel that black is much prettier on other bags out there.. JMHO!
  4. black! although i got a cameo for myself, hee... reason bcoz ive got three black bags and need bright colours to brighten up myself as im always in either white or black outfit.
  5. I would say black, timeless, classic & chic.

    I was about to buy one this month!!
  6. I like the cameo :smile: anyway where do you see a cameo anyway ?
  7. I will choose black, coz cameo is easy to get dirty.
  8. If use it for everyday bag, i will choose black.......... i got too many black color bags so i bought cameo color, i love the color.....
  9. I was wondering whether to get black or cameo too.
    I think I'll go for cameo though. It just looks so cute and classy. Black is good too, but I don't know.. the cameo just captures my heart.

    Practicality wise. Ofcourse, black.
  10. just got my cameo two days back from harrods and i love it totally!!!

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  11. Is that the 2274? Congrats =)
  12. thanks! its a bn1801! :smile:
  13. Thanks tiny flower.i'm thinking about black now.haa!!:biggrin:
  14. Thank, my collection i do not have any black bag and pink bag i'm kind of really in a tough decision now.hmmm!!!;)
  15. Thanks for your vote.Well i've seen camero from a lady who was sitting right next to me in the restaurent.the color is so pretty,gorgeous and suited on her.i can't stop looking at it at all.So i'm not sure if this color will suite on me or not!!.Cause i'm not a kind of lady,who alway wear a classy dress or skirt.I just wear jeans,skinny and comfortable t-shirt.:biggrin: