Please help me included

  1. Thanks to calisnoopy, I was able to contact her SA at BG and get these shoes. They went from $820 to $328. The brown one was the one I was trying to buy, but due to a misunderstanding she ended up sending me both grey and brown. Now that I have them in front of me, I'm liking both colors. This is where you guys come in to help me choose.
  2. Grey
  3. I think I like the brown. Great buy!!! I like the grey too, but if I HAD to choose.
  4. I vote for the brown. Cute wedges! :nuts:
  5. In my 'male' opinion, definately the Brown. Seems more stylish somehow and suits your skin tone better.
  6. You always crack me up!! :lol:Male opinions are very valuble, you know!!
  7. gemruby, i vote for brown too. i've never seen this style on and i must say, they are fabulous!
  8. Thanks, I just hope all the other lady members think the same as you :lol:.

    I only wanted to flag up the fact that I'm a fella so jemruby41 could take that into account, for better or worse ;).
  9. Gem~ I like the brown-looks great with your skin tone, and its probably more wearable~~
  10. Oh gemruby those are CUUUUUUTE!!! I like the brown, the color is richer and has more depth and i like the way it goes with the patent heel.
  11. I love the brown! Great purchase.
  12. I like the brown a little better than the grey, but they're both great!
  13. I agree. I like the brown better than the gray. I'd never seen that shoe before either but they are super cute!
  14. I would have to agree that the brown ones look great on you!
  15. My vote is brown! :smile:

    Are those called the Snoopy Zeppa? I can't remember.