Please, help me choose one.

  1. Sorry for asking too many question :sweatdrop: . I have been searching for a new bag for a week but couldn't make a decision yet. I have already went to harrods 4 days within a week and get some small accessories but couldn't find the right bag yet.

    As I have too many handheld bag (and I love it) but this time I plan to get a new shoulder bag (PS: I don't like monogram canvas ).

    As New Chanel bag tote model is so expensive now so I plan to go for a LV bag.

    I'm choosing between:

    1. Speedy 25" in Red Epi ( but I already have 2 speedies)
    2. Seleya PM in AZUR (but I already have an AZUR speedy)
    3. Reade PM in Pomme (but a member response reminded me of open-bag and am afraid to loose my stuffs inside)
    4. Monogram Danim shoulder bag PM ( which I love it but I rhink it is a bit expensive for a bag that made of denim :shame: )

    I'm seriously thinking about it and please, help me. :push:
  2. I would go the denim...or maybe a bigger vernis bag?
  3. I don't like other style of Vernis and I don't know why?? :confused1:
  4. Hi Vicky! All are great choices! I would go for either Speedy in Red Epi (but I prefer 30) or Saleya PM in Azur - gorgeous!!

    Not a big fan of Reade because of the colour transfer and yellowing issue.

    As for Denim, I only love the Mini Pleaty. I think what you meant was the Baggy PM?
  5. I'd say something in Denim too if you're really keen on having a different line. Vernis is a good option too with some practical and roomy shoulder bags like brentwood and houston.
  6. Epi Speedy in red would be beautiful. Otherwise, I'm a little bias when it comes to the Saleya PM in Azur.
  7. I say the Denim. it's so beautiful and sturdy the baggy's..i think it's worth the price :yes:
  8. I have the denim baggy pm and I love it!
  9. Denim baggy PM
  10. Yeah! I mean the baggy PM ( as I love GM but the price will be a bit higher. I switch from Chanel to LV in order to reduce cost so if it nearly 700 pounds, i would go for Chanel)

    I love AZUR but not sure for Saleya style ( as I never seen it nice before)
  11. More comments ,pleaseeee. I really need to have a new bag but too many choices and limited budget.
  12. Where is John today???
  13. Well a Speedy would not be a shoulder bag right? Unless you use a strap...with a limited budget can you afford that too? I say go with the Sayela Damier.

  14. Yeah! It's not a shoulder bag but the bag is stunning and a great choice. :drool:

    Sorry for too many problems as I think a lot every time I bought a bag :sad: .

    As I went to Chanel Boutique today all bags that I like are all over 900 pounds. Now I can pay for a bag which less than 800 pounds. 800 Max so LV is a great alternatives. :shame:

    Thanks for your opinions and the only thing that am afriad to buy sayela damier in ebony is I think Azur looks better (but still hate the way strap color will change to be darker)
  15. I agree with you with the denim being too expensive! :p If you want your collection to vary, I vote for the baggy pm. Second choice is the Azur Saleya just cause you already have a Speedy ;)