Please help me choose one.

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  1. The bottega looks very nice... suede lining to boot, and can be dressed up or brought to work. The lim looks more trendy and youthful. Go with your heart. (but if it were me, I'd go with bottega :smile: )
  2. I like the Bottega & that lining is gorgeous, GL
  3. Hi,

    i will suggest you Bottega Veneta bag
  4. The Lim is Chinese made.....and is not cheap....
    The Bottega is wonderful. Reputable brand, strong and durable purses.
    I vote for the Bottega.
  5. Just to provide one contrasting opinion... I personally do not like the look of the BV crossbody. It's too flat... if you put anything wider than a phone in there (I carry a book everywhere), it will look bumpy and weird. So that's one reason I would choose the PL over the BV. But I agree that BV on the whole has much better construction and durability. I just don't love this bag.
  6. I like the BV if you can fit your stuff in it without bulging.
  7. Thank you ladies! I have purchased the BV. As far as bulging, I honestly don't carry much - phone, keys, chapstick, hand sanitizer, sunglasses and my mini iPad on occasion. Thanks again!

  8. Great choice. More classic & timeless. I love the PL for a more trendy piece
  9. Congrats, Great choice! I hope you post a pic of your lovely when you receive it.