Please help me choose!! =o)

  1. Ok im having a hard time deciding which one I want.
    I have the Legacy stripe wristlet and the legacy coin keypouch.
    I want to buy another legacy piece durring PCE. Which one do you think I should choose and if you have either of this please tell me the pros and cons.

    Thanks Ladies:heart:

    These are the two im deciding between:
    3ce8_1_b.jpg 40240_d1.jpg
  2. i say french purse b/c i love wallets:heart: and this would coordinate so nicely with any legacy bag!
  3. My choice would be the french purse. I don't own it but I think it's gorgeous.
  4. I would go for the french purse, just because I like the look better and I prefer wallets :tup:
  5. The french purse! Its so cute and can go with so many coach bags!
  6. One more vote for the french purse :yes:
  7. Wallet!
  8. another vote for the wallet ;)
  9. French Purse 100 percent! I want it soooo bad myself!
  10. Go for the french purse -- it's lovely.
  11. Ok, I'm the oddball, but I just love the coin purse. Of course, the french purse would definitely be more practical. I love both of them though!
  12. Le French purse.
  13. I have both, but I would vote the French Purse since its more functional!:yes:
  14. There is also a Legacy beauty case aka cosmetic case and a Legacy umbrella available. I just thought I would throw that into the discussion. :cutesy:
  15. I would vote for the wallet, but I want one and don't know how many more they're re-stocking, so I'm trying to discourage as many people from getting one as possible......:smile:.

    Kidding......go for the wallet!!