please help me choose...need your opinions

  1. hello. i`m planning to buy my first LV bag and these are my choices:

    speedy 25 azur
    speedy 30 mini lin ebene
    speedy 25 or 30 monogram canvas ( my least favorite design but its classic)
    popincourt haut

    im 5`3, 108 lbs

    i`ll purchase the bag either at their boutique or at eluxury. eBay is my last last resort.

    help! need your opinions ladies. thank you so much!
  2. Do you want a handbag or shoulder bag ?
  3. speedy 30 mini lin ebene or Haut
  4. I'm gonna vote for mini lin as well
  5. thank you. funny my first choice is actually the azur but so far no one has chosen that. may i ask why? and isnt 30 too big for my built?
  6. I'm about the same size as you and I have speedy 30 and mc speedy
    well I do love big bags tho and I never felt my speedys were too big for me
    it's best for you to goto a boutique and try them out to see which size suits you better ;) (too bad minilin doesnt come in 25)
    azur is beautiful too but I prefer mini lin
  7. I vote for mini-lin speedy, go for something a little different for your first LV!
  8. azur 25 gets my vote.
  9. Mini lin only comes in a 30 so no its not too big its what you're comfy with.
  10. My vote is for the Azur Speedy.

    BTW, I'm 5'2" and 110lbs and I have a few speedy 30's and a few 25's. They both work for me but I love big bags.
  11. popincourt first lv as well.
  12. I vote for the mini lin as well - one of my favorites!!!
  13. I'd go with the Azur.
  14. it depends if u want to build a LV collection or if u just want one lv bag....

    if its the former id go with the azur, so hot for the summer

    if the latter id go for the speedy 30!
  15. If u don't mind a less stuctured bag I would go for the mini lin in ebene...if you want a bag with a little more structure I would go for the azur. Good Luck...let us know what you decide.