Please help me choose my very first Suhali !

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  1. Hi,

    I am new in this forum. Since you guys are probably more expert can you please give me suggestion which one of the Suhali.

    I am tossing between Le Talentueux or Le Confident ?

    Also, is it better to get this in black or white ?

    It is going to be day and night bag as I do not have many.

    Please please please help me as I have saved up for 4 months to get this !

    Thanks a lot !
  2. I like the Black Le Tal! :yes:
  3. I have the le tal and love it .. I think try both colours on and see which you love the most..congrats on keeping your focus and saving for it too:tup:
  4. I have Le Confident and love it - it's not as stiff and structured as Le Talentueux. Le Tal is more of a formal bag, whereas Le Confident can be worn with both casual and formal wear.
    Also, I read on here that someone has problems with Le Tal's brass corners bumping into things because they stick out and they get scratched. I figured Le Confident would be less high maintenance!
    Le Tal looks lovely on the shelf in the store though :smile:
  5. I like the shape of the white one but love black. Could you get the white one in black color? That would be perfect.
  6. le tal is more glam, dressy, le confident is more casual and lady like, guess it depends on your lifestyle? But if i must choose, i'd go w/le confident :flowers:
  7. Congratulations on getting your first Suhali piece. They are both such beautiful bags. I would take either one in a heartbeat. I personally would go for the black Le Tal, but it's a close call. I think you should try them both on in the store, and go with whichever you love the most. Practicality is important, but I think it really should be secondary to how the bag makes you feel.
  8. Le Confident!
  9. I'd definitely go to the store and see which one you feel suits your needs better. As for the color, I prefer black; it's less maintenance and you can either dress it up or down. Just my $.02. Congrats on your suhali purchase and post pictures soon :woohoo:
  10. im for the white.
  11. I like the Le Talentueux in black. Classic.
  12. Not that you can go wrong in this case, but I vote for the confident. ;)
  13. Le Confident in GREY!!! Will be a great day and night bag causal and dress up! Good luck!
  14. Le Confident..Not so stiff and structured. Le Tal is beautiful but to me looks very dressy. Le Con. can be both. The Con. more modern looking to me!
  15. First of all, congrats. I think I may start saving for a Suhali after my next 2 LV purchases...amazing, amazing pieces so I am very happy for you!!!

    I am super analytical so here's how I would suggest thinking about the decision:

    1) Use: What are you looking to use this for? Where is the biggest current gap in your collection?

    2) Color: What colors do you currently have in your LVs? What colors do you wear that you wish you could better compliment with a bag (then what color would you want that bag to be)?

    3) Style / Shape:
    Given how you dress on a regular basis, which makes more sense?

    And finally...

    4) Gut: When you get to the store, which would make you SO SAD to put down. That's the one you've got to have.

    All that said -- I would go with the Le Talentueux myself, either in white or taupe / verone. It is just SUCH an amazing bag.