Please help me choose my next LV!


Aug 21, 2007
I currently have a Palermo GM that has been my office bag for 6 years and going strong -- it's the perfect work bag, and it is also a perfect travel bag. But I need something smaller for weekends! Even when I clean out my work papers/stuff and try to use it on weekends it is too huge for that and it just sags. My weekend bags really need to carry only a wallet most of the time, sunglasses, and a few little things (like gum) for my kids (who are 8 & 11 and don't need me to haul their whole lives around anymore, thank God).

I have a DA speedy 30 that I use during the summer months on weekends, but i have to say I'm not crazy about it. I still can't get used to a hand held bag after several years. Especially when shopping with DD and trying to hold her clothing while balancing the bag.

So I want to get either a new DE shoulder bag or a new smaller mono bag for weekends. I'm considering Neverfull and Totally primarily. I looked at Tivoli and I love the look of it -- but it seems too similar to my Palermo. I hesitate on the Totally because of the outside pockets -- not crazy about that look. But the Neverfull makes me nervous with the lack of zipper. The purse seems to tip over too often in the car when I am driving with the kids and then everything goes flying. I love the look of the Trevi but it seems heavy and I am not crazy about needing to use a dangly shoulder strap -- I want a bag that is a shoulder bag period. Not a sometimes-handheld and sometimes-shoulder bag.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Totally vs. Neverfull?


Nov 17, 2013
I love my NF, lack of zipper doesn't bother me at all. Have you considered Delighful or Favorite MM?


Sep 2, 2014
Silicon Valley, CA
I really liked the Totally when I tried it on the other night, I'm just waiting for Turenne PM to be available at my boutique to try on before I decide. I bet either would work for you though.


thinking of LV.
Oct 18, 2013
Chi-Town state of mind!
personally i really like the look of the totally in DE. if the outside pocket bothers you, maybe the Reggia? the snap would keep your things secured and it would be a ease to get things out. if you're open to mono...delightful mm, Sully mm?