Please help me choose my next bag!!


Which one should I buy?

  1. LV

  2. Gucci

  3. Dior

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  1. I went into Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Gucci today and looked at tote bags. The three I liked the most were the Batignolles Vertical (I immediately fell in love with it!!), the Dior Trotter Romantique Medium Tote in Beige, and a Gucci tote I don't know the name for. Pics are attached below. I am having a really hard time deciding which bag to get. Here's my thoughts on each:

    Bat. Vertical: Cute, perfect size, has pockets! But I hate worrying about the brand new naked vachetta, and this is typhoon season right now. Also I really don't like the buckles on the sides, and the handles seem like they might constantly slip off my shoulder (which drives me absolutely insane!!! :rant: ). Price is ~NTD30,000 (USD937).

    Dior Trotter Romantique Medium Tote: Cute, waterproof, very girly. The handles are beautiful but very heavy. This is probably the heaviest bag out of all three. I think this bag is cute, but it's not my absolute favorite, and I have never purchased anything by Dior. Price is around ~NTD29000 (USD906).

    Gucci tote: I have liked this bag for a long time. The color seems just right. Best of all it's waterproof. Weight is not bad. The handles seem comfortable and like they won't slip off. Price is ~NTD22000 (USD686).

    Which one should I get? If you own one or more of these bags, let me know which you like more. Thanks so much for your help!! :flowers:
    p10885615_ph_hero.jpg p11086292_ph_hero.jpg st-174014-1.jpg
  2. i like both of these
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. I like the LV the best!
  4. I like the BV!
  5. i like the Dior, and the beige is such a pretty color :love:. i have two Trotter Romantique bags, and their handles are really NOT heavy

    if you want a Batignolles, i think the Horizontal would be nicer. but that's just me
  6. I think LV will outlast them all!
  7. I agree with LV Addict the LV is a hardwearing bag! Plus there's not really that much vachetta on that one.
  8. i love the dior! :love:
  9. I agree! :yes: I think the Horizontal will be nicer if you go with LV. The Dior is really pretty, though!:heart:
  10. for me its between the LV and the Gucci..:love:
    but i voted for the LV.. it looks Lovely :tender: !! while i like the Gucci for the reasons u've mentioned.. but still i think the Gucci's straps are too short, thus wont be comfortable <<maybe its just my eyes!! :blink:
    what ever you decide on i wish you'll be happy with dear :flowers:
  11. I prefer the Dior (very cute :love:) or the LV, something about the Gucci doesn't appeal to me...
  12. Lv!
  13. Totally Agree!:yes::flowers:
  14. I like the LV and Dior best, and the Gucci is okay, it's just kinda long....
  15. I prefer the BV over the BH, and the double handles actually help quite a bit concerning not slipping off. Personally, I'd get the BV, cutest one of them all !