Please help me choose my next B-bag

  1. I just sold a bag on eBay, so like a typical Bal addict, I am pondering what my next one should be. I will use the funds from the bag I sold to purchase the new one.

    I favor the city style and have no desire to try another Bal style. I had one purse style, but just sold it because the style was not me.

    So I want to know your opinion on what color to choose next. I know color is an individual thing, but I want to know what you think would look good with most wardrobes. I like and wear blues, browns, and black, as well as grays. But I also like berry colors, white, navy blue, and pink/fuschia/wine tones.

    These are the colors I am considering:

    rouge VIF
    grass green
    rouille (either spring 06 or the one coming in fall 07)

    I already have the colors that are in my signature pic. Which color do you think would be a good addition?

    Thanks in advance for your input! :heart:
  2. I am biased towards Rouge VIF as I have one, but it really is a striking colour...

    I also think that Vert Gazon is AMAZING!

    Greige is a great neutral and white is super classy!

    Sorry... I wasnt any help was I :p
  3. white would go with everything!!! or black too for that matter :smile:
  4. I think greige would go very well with all the colors you cited now if you want a bag that pops (would be a nice addition to your collection) I would go for RV.
  5. i have been contemplating greige for awhile. i think i may have seen it in real life, along side neutral (is that what it is called...? i am a b-bag novice), and i think there is just something elegant about neutral colours that are not trully "nuetral", does that make any sense? :p whites that are not trully white, creams that are not trully cream, etc. i think the greige falls under this category. sorry, i hope i have not confuse people with my ramblings.