Please help me choose my first RM bag

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  1. Hi everyone! I'm trying to choose between the Love crossbody black with black hw and the Love crossbody tweed poppy red with silver hw. Haven't seen the two bags In person so I'm having a hard time choosing. I saw a review about the chipping problem with the black hardware so I'm kinda hesitant. Has anyone here own them? Thanks in advance! IMG_1469530507.845707.jpg IMG_1469530783.087999.jpg
  2. I've also read about the chipping problem on black hardware, so I understand your hesitation. Gold hardware also tarnishes and fades over time, but the silver hardware remains pristine. I know this because I've sold a few gold HW, but have kept my two silver HW because they will always look brand new!

    As for your two choices- they are completely different looks! Do you have a classic black flap bag already? Are you looking for a pop of color? What colors does your wardrobe consist of? Are you looking for a 'go-to and grab' bag, or a special occasion type of bag?

    Depending on your answers, your choice will become more clear. The black is obviously classic and a neutral, so it will go with just about any outfit. The red tweed is a pop of color, and totally unique! Although I'd have concerns about the delicacy and longevity of the tweed fabric itself...think of snags, rips, fraying, etc. The leather will surely hold up better over time.

    Have you considered a love crossbody in black leather with silver hardware? If HW is a concern, silver is the way to go on RMs.

    Good luck, and enjoy whichever you choose- RM is a great brand!
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  3. Really appreciate your input Sunshinesash I have only one black bag, it's the MK selma in medium. I'm just looking for a "go-to bag/grab bag". I will only buying online and unfortunately there are only 3 colors available. The other color is the putty or beige color with gold hardware. I wear black abaya at all times (I'm from Middle East) that's my outfit when going out I actually prefer the black love with black hardware but the chipping is turning me off. I also can't find any review about the quality of RM's Love crossbody tweed bags.
  4. Hi erinmary! I have the Love with gunmetal hardware, which is the perfect alternative to the black hardware. I would not recommend the black hardware Love, as people have reported chipping on the lock with two weeks of usage. Some girls have used a black Sharpie to fill in the colour, but that's simply not acceptable for a bag that costs almost USD $300. Are you able to make a purchase off the Rebecca Minkoff website? They may be able to ship to you via a mail forwarding service (Pitney Bowes). If so, I would definitely recommend the gunmetal hardware Love. The tweed love would give your outfit a lovely pop of colour, while black is more subtle and may blend in with your outfit. I don't know how simple it would be to clean a tweed bag, so that's also something to consider :smile:
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  5. If you wear black all the time I think the tweed will be a nice pop off color! I love color but I can't say anything about a tweed bag as I've never owned a tweed bag.
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  6. Hi there, I own a black with black hw Love, and I don't know if I'm just lucky or what, but I haven't seen any chipping. Although I have had it for only about three months and used it once per week, not daily, I did buy the bag pre-loved, and I think from the lining that my black with black hw is maybe a year old?

    The other posters all made good points, but I'm going to make a guess at another point to consider. Do you like to keep long manicured nails? I've seen a blogger complain on Youtube that the black with black hw chipped in just a week, and she had long manicured nails. By this point of my ownership of the bag I think I've used it more than the blogger did by the time she complained on Youtube, so my theory is that long nails may scratch against the black hardware paint and contribute to chipping. I always keep my nails short, and I've never seen my bag hardware chip.

    I think ultimately it may be good for you to think about how well you take care of your other bags. If you've worn some of them down then I suggest you get the tweed. Personally, I feel like the black/black is more versatile. I have three colorful Love bags, each with a different hardware type, and I've worn the port and the black the most. Since I wear a lot of colors like blues and reds I don't feel like having my bag be clashing or too matchy matchy. Hope I've helped, and have fun purchasing it!
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    Thanks all for the feedback When I saw the end-of-summer sale at RM website I decided to order my first MAC black with gunmetal hardware and received it within 6 working days, yay! The size of this bag is perfect for me. But I still want the black love cross body and of course the mini mac in pale lilac Does anyone have a pale lilac bag? I like this color but not sure about the gold hardware.

    Anyway, here's my first RM bag

    View attachment 3458656

    View attachment 3458649

    View attachment 3458651
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