please help me choose my first lv bag

  1. ladies please help me choose and why...these are my choices:

    bagtinolles tote
    mini lin speedy ebene
    damier speedy 30 or 25
    neverfull mm mono or damier

    i have a small collection of bags. different brands though my fave is gucci. late last year when i went to hongkong i was planning to purchase a damier speedy 25 for my first lv but as always i gravitated towards gucci and bought one of their hobos.

    the lv bag will be an everday,a hassle free, easy maintanance bag. hand held or shoulder bag will not matter although i prefer shoulder but i find speedy or bagtinolles really really nice. mono is my least favorite design but im really liking the bagtinolles tote in terms of style and size.

    im so confused. please help! thanks in advance.:smile:
  2. Bagtinolles or Speedy 30 Damier Ebene get my vote!
  3. Batignolles or Neverfull (similar) or Speedy 30 for something different.
  4. I'd get a shoulder bag, they are just easier to wear for every day. If you can wait, the Neverfull in damier will be out soon enough, otherwise I'd get the batignoles vertical, it's my favourite shoulder tote ! :yes:
  5. I agree these 2 have my vote also
  6. damier speedy 30! Easy to maintain and basically hassle free.
  7. I think something in monogram should be your first bag. My vote is for the Batignolles.
  8. bagtinolles tote or damier speedy 30 or 25 get my vote!
  9. damier speedy 25, it's an iconic bag.
  10. Speedy for sure!! Whatever pattern you decide!
  11. Batignolles :smile:
  12. Damier Speedy 30 definitely!

    A speedy is always the perfect LV bag to start off a collection. :tup:
  13. thank you ladies! i cant decide....arrgh so hard but im leaning towards damier speedy 30, bagtinolles tote ($690.00 so cute) or maybe nevrfull damier. see im still having a hard time!
  14. I would say Batignolles or speedy 30 in damier (less maintenance than mono!) enjoy!
  15. damier speedy 30
    neverfull mm mono
    get them both haha