Please help me choose my first Chanel

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  1. Hello everyone! I decided that I am getting my first Chanel bag for my birthday next month. I was originally looking to get another LV (a Speedy Mon Mono or Montaigne) or maybe get the Givenchy Antigona. However, I have been thinking about the boy bag lately. Specifically the red caviar in ghw. Hubby is going to London next month and had offered to buy me something at Heathrow but I know that Heathrow might not have any of the classics. I was also looking at the mini classic flap. What do you guys think should be my entry Chanel bag? I really want something I can use everyday for work and also on weekends. I have two kids so something like a scratch resistant leather would be great. I read a lot of great reviews on caviar Chanels so I was thinking maybe this would be a great start for me. I am a newbie so any thoughts will be much appreciated. Thanks so much in advance!
  2. I would recommend the reissue (you can fly under the radar (its calf and more durable, but not available at heathrow , he will have to go to a boutique). Or the boy in caviar would be great (I have a few classics in caviar and they look new, but I don't know if its a different caviar for the boys this season) and welcome to Chanel :smile:
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    You are not restricted to Heathrow. You can get the tax back at the airport as long as he gets the paperwork in store in London. Look on the UK Chanel thread for clarification. What u want will be very dependent on how much u carry. Chanel is quite space limited. Have fun getting ur first.

  4. Thanks ak3! You are very helpful! The boy has a different appeal to me I don't know why. Lol The reissue is also very classy. What colours do you have? I would love to get a red or black with ghw.

  5. Thanks Tuned83! That's very helpful too! My husband doesn't like shopping at all so for me to ask him to go to a store on a work day would be pushing it. Also, he is not a big fan of lining up for a refund (nor any line up at all)! :sad: I was thinking maybe just buy in Toronto and then I can go with hubby to London next time. That way it will also be special because I will have the Chanel shopping experience first hand. He goes there twice a year. That's a good point that you brought up - how much I carry. Honestly I find myself carrying less now. I usually have my LV zippy or Sarah wallet, a small LV toiletry for lipstick/hand lotion/knick knacks, car/home keys and sunglasses. Would that fit in a medium boy?

  6. I don't have a boy bag sorry!. I'm also not at all familiar with LV so apologies. I'm not much help for what you want but the Chanel forum as a whole will have all the info you need. Look in the boy bag thread and the what's in my Chanel bag thread for an idea of how much they hold. Heathrow does regularly stock boy bags so ur husband may be able to get what you want. It's a shame he doesn't like it is potentially more likely u will have more choice in central london. You never know though:smile:.

  7. I will do that and maybe be nice to hubby so he can go to the store outside the airport. Thanks for all the help!
  8. Hello & welcome to Chanel :wave:

    I carry similar amount of/sized things around with me. I find that classic style in M/L size OR Boy bag style in Old Medium size fit my needs best - AND look the nicest for me (I like and find the smaller sized M/L and old medium most elegant for their style, but that's my own personal preference and you can only determine yours after you try them on to see how they look on your body shape size - or check out the photos on the reference threads or Chanel in action threads on how these sizes look on someone with similar physique as you).

    I find the bigger New Medium boy size look overwhelming even at my height but there are many who prefer the look of larger sized bags/totes or prefer option to have extra space in case needed.

    Only thing is, for the sizes I mentioned above, you could fit the sunglasses with no problem if you use a soft case/pouch.

    I am able to fit everything I have which is extremely similar to what you mentioned above, with the EXCEPTION of the sunglasses into the classic rectangular mini size you mentioned.

    A few pics of me using classic jumbo size, and my favorites - classic M/L size & Old medium boy for your reference.

    I'm 5'7", and I think you can appreciate that there is quite a different between the 2 sizes noted in these photos. I don't own a New Medium sized boy bag, but it's more square like and you can see plenty of them and easily see the difference in the boy reference threads, the difference in shape and size is pretty obvious.

    If you want Red caviar boy with gold hardware, I think you may need to look pre-loved because I'm not aware of any available in recent seasons. there is a red with ruthenium hardware caviar boy current fall season collection but the caviar is a bit more flat and matte than usual. same for caviar black boys.

    Hope this helps and have fun choosing your first!

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  9. Nice photos Vanana! And thanks for the info and tips - it's very helpful especially the sizing because I am only 5'2". I love your blue classic and the boy looks amazing!!! The jumbo classic would be very big for me in my opinion. So difficult to make a decision with so many options. I just don't want to go to the store one day and get something I would regret later because I didn't want to go home empty handed. Anyway, thanks again and wish me luck!
  10. You've gotten great suggestions already!! I say go with classic Chanel for your first - classic for me means classic flap, reissue or boy (imo boy belongs to the classics now bc it's not going anywhere!). I'm 5'1" and I find the m/l size is great for what I carry daily. The bonus with the mini is you can carry crossbody and if u already have a smaller wallet or card holder then it's even more convenient. I also own a jumbo and don't find that overwhelming on me at all, but that's only when I double the chain strap (if I don't and carry crossbody it looks huge and hits me below my hips which looks bad on me). Let us know what u decide and welcome to Chanel! Once you're in, u never leave!!

  11. Hello ceedoan! Thank you for a great advice! I guess I have to try all of them in person if I can but great to know that it works for others who are of the same height. Do you have a modshot with your boy? Would love to have a reference.
  12. good luck, when you get to try a few on, and narrowed down to the final few, instead of only looking at yourself with the bag in the mirror - ask someone to take photos of you with the few bags/sizes that you're considering on you. it looks different and provides a better way to confirm how it looks on you (I know it sounds strange, but it's true) :yes:
  13. I don't know how much you would save buying a bag in London and paying taxes bringing the bag into Canada.

    I think a boy would be a great choice for a mom.

  14. That actually makes sense - I will definitely do that! Thanks!

  15. Yeah I am not sure either. I really love the boy! Thanks for the input lulilu!