Please help me choose my first Chanel

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  1. Dear all,

    I'm really new here. But i'm determine to get a chanel. which will u choose?
    Please do help me choose my first chanel. Thanks a lot.

    A. GST Black with gold ware 1420 Euros
    B. Chain around the bag 2010Euros
    (pic taken from the Summer pics 09 thread)
  2. ^whoa, that bag is awesome! I vote for that one!
  3. GST, love the bag in the picture but not crazy about the chain at the bottom.
  4. ooh love the bag in the pic! ive never seen that before- i would definitely get that one cause it stands out and not many people have it
  5. i really don'tknow which to choose. GST is classic... but this bag is really nice and roomy (from the pic) which first Chanel should i get?
  6. Are you looking for a shoulder bag? Because it looks like the Chain Around tote cannot be worn on the shoulder. Also, I wonder if those chains will dig into the leather after some use...
  7. thanks for the replies everyone,

    I'm really a chanel virgin... i've very little knowledge of Chanel... yeap i'm looking for a shoulder bag... Beautylicious i think u are right the chains might dig into the leather... i'm a rough user...good point made! Thanks a lot :tup:
  8. I would say a GST - roomy, very classic and yet, can be hip and casual at the same time.

    I do see why you are attracted to the bag in the picture - it is very interesting looking and eye catching.

    But for a first Chanel, I would pick the GST.

    Good luck deciding!
  9. I vote for the GST. It is a classic bag and will be in still for some time. I do like the one in the pictur also.:tup:
  10. Classic GST.It's timeless.
  11. I say GST. I'm not too crazy about the wrapped around chain on the Chain Around the bag.
  12. I'm not really digging the look of the wrapped around chain. I will definitely stick with the GST. They just came out with the new beige which is a lot lighter than the old one and it looks AMAZING. I'm thinking of getting the PST in that color but it's kinda small on me but the GST is kinda big on me cause i'm really short (5'1") now I don't really know what to do :P
  13. I would say the GST as well - a timeless classic piece. The chain around the bag looks unique though, a chic-roomy-weekend-relaxed vibe. Just a thought, have you consider the Jumbo Flap? :idea: IMO, the Jumbo Flap combines the timeless/classic element of the GST and has a similar shape to the chain around the bag (and it can be carried on your shoulder).