Please help me choose my first Chanel

  1. Hey all :smile:

    I'm so undecided between this two bags:

    Baby Cabas or GST.

    What do you recommend for my first Chanel?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Well....I am a GST fan !!
  3. I just called Chanel 800# and none of their stores are carrying the Baby Cabas anymore.:crybaby:
  4. Gst
  5. hard to say - I guess it depends on whether you're a fan of structured or unstructured bags?
  6. GST is too boxy for me but a lot of girls seem to like it as it's a classic.
  7. It depends. Some people think the GST is too large (but I love it).

    Like said, if you like structured bags that keep their shape then the GST is perfect because it's boxy.

    I'm a lover and proud owner of a baby cabas and I love how soft and unstructured it is. Although when my bag is full, the chain digs into my arm when I wear it on my elbow, although that might happen with the GST too if you chose to wear it on your elbow.
  8. I have and love both, its hard to decide btw these two, since they are quite diff.
  9. I would go with the GST. It's a classic chanel (with the quilted leather and chain handle) and it's been in their collection forever.
  10. I prefer structured bags so I vote for the GST.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  11. i LOVE SLOUCHY! baby cabas!!!

  12. why is this already discontinued???
  13. ditto!
  14. the GST is a more structured look and is a classic, but i do prefer the cabas in this case.
  15. My pick is definitely the GST! :biggrin: