Please help me choose my first chanel bag.Paris B or classic flap?

  1. Hello everyone!

    I'm considering about my first chanel bag. I like both black paris biarritz and black classic flap in caviar. I'll go to chanel boutique this Thursday. I'm sure that this will not gonna be my only chanel bag (because I :heart: Chanel) but I can buy one bag at a time. I mean I can buy another chanel bag next year.

    Which one should I get?

    And is paris biarritz a temporary or permanent line?

    Thank you very much :flowers:
  2. Wow...those are 2 really different bags! What were you looking to use the bag for? Everyday use or special occasions only?

    I would definitely vote for the classic flap between the 2 bags, but it really does depend on your lifestyle and how each bag would fit into it! :yes:
  3. I vote for the classic flap. Just because I truly think this is absolutely timeless.

    The Paris Biarritz is a seasonal line (I believe) but I don't think it's as timeless.

    JMO though!
  4. i vote for the classic, except u're planning on getting the croc biarritz LOL
  5. i vote for classic flap!!and u better work fast before april 1st!hehe
  6. Classic flap definitly for your first Chanel, it's just so classic and timeless, a bag you will love forever!
  7. i will go for classic too! :yes:
  8. Black classic flap without a doubt!
  9. Black classic flap!
  10. I'm glad you are going to the store to "try them on". They are very different bags so try to think what you will mostly use that bag for. I love the classic flap but it is not for me for everyday use - going in and out of that flap drives me crazy. While I love my flap in my avatar I just can't bring myself to use it everyday.

    I believe the PB is canvas coated similar to LV monogram. It will probably wear like iron. If you plan on using it everyday then this would be a good choice.
  11. Classic flap!
  12. Classic flap hands down
  13. classic flap, 1000000000000000000%!!! u can't go wrong with it! whereas i know of people who've mentioned that the PB looks like a diaper bag. eek!
  14. Classic flap gets my vote. It's awesome and will last for years.
  15. classic flap for a starter!