Please help me choose my first Cartier necklace

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Which necklace to choose as a daily one?

  1. LOVE necklace WITHOUT diamonds

  2. LOVE necklace WITH 2 diamonds

  3. VCA Mini Frivole necklace with 1 diamond

  1. My birthday is coming up and hubby wants to get me something that I can wear daily. I have the VCA Alhambra Vintage necklace in WG with the MOP which I LOVE but since I can’t shower with it, it’s a pain to take it on and off every day. Plus I’m to worried I’ll break the clasp one day when I take it off every day...
    To get to the point: I think I want a Cartier necklace that I can shower with and wear every day. I think I’d like to get a LOVE necklace in YG but can’t decide which style. Please help me chose between the LOVE necklace with or without the 2 diamonds.
    Here are the pictures:
    First style has No diamonds and second one has 2 diamonds. 37287772-257A-4351-9746-C971B7DCA719.jpeg 4BCD99E9-7A84-498E-9D2B-40C7B660191F.jpeg

    Third option is another VCA necklace:
    The Mini Frivole necklace in YG:

    Thanks for your comments and help!
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  2. IMO, I would go with the first one as a daily necklace. The joy of having plain metal means not having to worry if a diamond is still there or if it got dirty, etc. there’s little worry about any stones or prongs. the first one also looks sleeker and more chic to me, but that’s just my preference :smile:
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  3. Good point about the diamonds. But I think the diamonds are so small, you can barely see them, hence, I don’t think they’ll need much maintenance (my assumption).

    I’m new to Cartier. This would be my first Cartier piece. Do you think the first one is the more popular style out of the two?
  4. #2, like the Frivole too
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  5. If I were, I would go with the first one. Love necklace with no diamond. The diamond on the second necklace is tiny and the fact that the shape of circle is flat makes the necklace unnoticeable.
    While the first one has 3D shape creates more interest and you dont have to pay more for diamond. Easy to maintain, just polishing maybe, and no worry about getting dirt onto the diamond,chip etc. This is going to be your daily necklace, so Iam thinking practicality such gym, running errands, and exposure to dirt, sweat,oil that have adverse effect to diamond.
  6. I am in the same boat. I rotate between two necklaces: a white gold 0.55 diamond pendant necklace and a Tiffany’s anniversary tri-circle pendant. I am also searching for a Cartier every day necklace for rotation! I am biased towards the version with no diamonds because it’s easy to care for and the chain is thicker than frivole which is super dainty and for the price doesn’t have much neck presence. Have you tried them all? #2 looks good in photos but didn’t look good on me in real life due to the flat nature. #3 is pretty up close but again if you take a photo farther away it’s tiny. #1 is also tiny but the presence is more spread out and more 3D as someone mentioned. They’re all pretty and you can’t go wrong. Happy early birthday!
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  7. Pick the second one. It stands out way more in person!
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  8. You’d be surprised! All prongs need maintenance eventually or risk losing the stone, and while bezel set is much easier to care for, I feel like the cost of a tiny diamond is too much for what your getting (still my own opinion however). I also didn’t think of it but I agree with everyone else about neck presence, the frivole is lovely but tiny. I do think the first one is more popular than the second though.

    I also want to say no matter what, get the one you truly yearn for! No matter what we say, if there’s one you truly desire, at the end of the day you’ll want that one instead of whatever we say is the best choice :smile:
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  9. Thanks everyone for your helpful opinions.
    I went to VCA and Cartier today to try on all 3 necklaces and those were my thoughts:
    The first Cartier Love necklace looks very pretty IRL but the chain was 16” long and too long on me but they told me they can add a jump ring to it to shorten it. But the chain itself was a bit thin and didn’t stand out on my neck. Almost a bit unnoticeable. You can’t really see the screw hole design on it because it’s 3D and not laying flat.

    Love necklace #2 with the diamonds didn’t wow me at first sight but it looked more noticeable on me because of the double chain. Hubby and I thought it looked nicer because it lied flat. The diamonds are tiny and you can barely see it which is fine. I wasn’t looking for a diamond necklace anyway. It also had a jump ring to shorten it to 15” in length which I preferred.

    Then I tried on the Frivole VCA necklace which is very delicate like some of you mentioned in this thread. It’s very pretty and looked great on my but it’s very small. The flower was tiny (that’s why it’s called the Mini Frivole) and hence looked like a children’s necklace. I think it’s kinda expensive for what it is...

    I still haven’t made up my mind but so far I prefer the second Love necklace just because it looked better on me.
    But now I have another dilemma. I tried on the LOVE bangle/bracelet and literally fell in LOVE with it!!! I never had my eyes set on it because my wrist is tiny and I never thought that the 15 cm one would fit me but it fit me perfectly! Now I have to decide between the necklace and the bracelet.
    I’m worried the bracelet will scratch easily while I would be more carefree with the necklace... Sigh.... #firstworldproblems...

    What to do, what to do...?!!!
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  10. :biggrin: Never ending dilemma eh? I say take a break and then come back to it because you might “force” a decision and end up with something less ideal. I personally would say the bracelet since you can see it more (easier to look at your wrist rather than look down your neck). That said I don’t think scratches should be something worried about, it’s just the nature of all jewelry (rings + bracelets). I’m sure if it gets too scratched up you can get it polished again later :tup: and the solid nature of the bangle is easier to be care free, necklace chains can and do break after all.
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  11. Ahhh... thanks so much for all your input @yorimei. You’re so right!! I should just take my time to think about what makes my heart jump more.
    I’m also wondering if the bracelet could be some a nuisance since it’s not easy to take off as I usually take off my watch as soon as I come home but this LOVE bracelet will stay on for good (well, sort of...). but yeah. I shouldn’t worry about scratches. I think jewelry (or material things in general) should bring us joy and shouldn’t be something we should worry about too much. :smile:
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  12. The bracelet will scratch, but don’t worry about it. Honestly, you won’t even notice. It develops a beautiful patina over time. I remove my rings and earrings the second I walk into my house, but have zero problems leaving the love bracelet on 24/7. (I stack the LOVE and JUC 24/7. I have three young kids, exercise, etc...)

    Both are beautiful choices. But I wouldn’t let a concern about scratching deter you from buying and enjoying the bracelet.
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  13. Get the LOVE bracelet! You will get more enjoyment out of it because you will see it all day long. The only time you will see the necklace is when you look in the mirror. The bracelet will be as carefree as the it,
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  14. Get the bracelet. Just based off of the way you described them, it sounds like the bracelet made your heart sing more than the necklace!
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  15. lol. Yes. At the moment I’m more excited for the bracelet but I still also need a necklace for daily wear.
    My hubby knows what’s on my wishlist so I guess I’ll leave it up to him to decide what to get me first.
    Our 10-year wedding anniversary is also coming up next year. Another excuse for a present. Haha.

    That’d a good point. True. I can admire the bracelet more than the necklace. Have t thought if this. ;)

    I also have 2 small kids and on days when I’m around them all day, I take off my rings and watch as I don’t want them to scratch. But with this bracelet, I won’t be able to take it off (easily). But I guess you’re right. I shouldn’t worry about scratches. It will probably give the piece more character. :smile:
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