Please help me choose my first Bal!

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  1. Hello ladies, I would very much appreciate your opinion. I want to get the Hip as an "introductory" Bal and it has pretty much come down to an anthra GGH or black GGH.

    So for the anthra - I would get it off ebay for a very (very very!) nice price, condition like new, however without the dustbag etc (but authenticity confirmed of course). I really like the color and I am hoping it doesn't have green undertones (the seller assured me that it does not), it is SS13 and I read in here that 2013 anthra shouldn't have those. Of course that money saving is really appealing to me and I am seriously considering this one.

    Black GGH - new from an online store, with everything that should go with it, however for a full price (that is probably the only disadvantage of this choice:smile:) but with the feeling that I am buying from a reliable online store with a possibility to return.

    I have nowhere else to turn than here for opinions (most people I know would tell me I'm crazy spending that much on a bag:graucho:) and I am seriously lost. Should I go for anthra and risk that I won't love the color and won't be able to return? However, I would probably buy it for about 40% original price which is very tempting. I love the black and gold combo but don't know if the offer on the anthra isn't too good to pass. And I am also not sure if the GGH is not too much with the anthra..

    OK I am seriously lost. Please pleaaaaase help!
  2. I say the anthra.

    I have purchased all my Bals preloved and I have gotten them nicely broken in and awesome.

    You are protected as a buyer by eBay in case it is not authentic.

    To me buying retail and new wouldn't be worth it if I could get the savings.

    Anthra is just too pretty too.
  3. When it comes to a bal bag doesn't matter the sizes and style
    I'd go with color ones just because they are so yummiiiii ;)
    and so many colors to choose from each year!! Go with anthra
    If you are sure its authenticity! Good luck!
  4. I'd go for the anthra. Very nice and versatile color. Plus, it's cheaper. :smile: It's a win-win situation.
  5. Oh wow all the votes for the anthra as of now! Thanks so much to all of you for your opinions!
  6. I like Anthracite more, hands down. Black bags are a dime a dozen. But I'm not a huge fan of gold hardware. It goes in and out of style too often. Any interest in the rose gold? The RGGH looks so amazing with Anthra IMO and you'll be getting a great rare find that Bal retired. But even if you went with the GGH then I still vote Anthra.

  7. Thanks for your input! I just went for the Anthra yayy!! I can't believe that I'm really having my first Bal!! Btw. I have considered the rggh but found just one not that much cheaper than original price. I bought the one with ggh for a relly great price though. I am so excited!!

    Thanks to all of you for your advice;)