Please help me choose my first bag!!! Grenat or Blueberry??

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm a newbie to this subforum, although I've been popping in to read and admire all of you bbags. I'm mainly an LV girl but have recently realized that LV bags aren't very suiting for me...I still adore their accessories though;) . I sometimes feel that LV, even not monogram, is a bit too flashy for me. Plus, even when my bags are empty they're still quite heavy and I get tired lugging it around.

    I think that i've found my new love here. I really like all the different colors and leather variations bbags come in. I've haven't seen them irl yet but read that is is very light so that's a major plus.

    I've been eyeing a First in either blue roi (that's blueberry right?) or grenat/bordeaux to be my very first bag. Which bag do you think would be a good one for a starter bag? Feel free to suggest other colors too. I've chosen the style to be the first b/c i'm quite petite, 5 feet tall and 92 lbs so I'm not sure whether other styles might be too big on me.

    I have brown hair, lighter asian skin tone, wear jeans, blacks, browns, blues, neutrals, but also pinks and violets for my dressy clothes. I think that the grenat would go more with my wardrobe but I like the blueberry too. Which color do you think is more of a staple color for Balenciaga so that they will make that color again in upcoming seasons? I don't want to pass on the blueberry and not be able to find it or a similar to it later! Thanks everyone!!!
  2. i like both-- both leaning towards the blueberry! from ur wardrobe...sounds like both colors would look so pretty with what u usu. wear! I'm also a lv lover who is now on the lookout for my first ever b-bag! (though I'm waiting for the new colors to come out) good luck on ur first purchase!
  3. They are both stunning colours! Do you know what style you're looking at?
  4. That's a tough one, both of those colors are gorgeous! But I lean slightly towards blueberry only because it's more of an unusual "signature" Balenciaga color that you don't find too many places. And yes, blueberry and blue roi are the same.
  5. Yeah, I'm thinking of getting it in the First :yes: :drool:
  6. I have seen both colours in the First and I would definitely say Blueberry! It really keeps that sapphire-like jewel tone even in smaller sizes, while I find the Grenat is nicer when it has more surface area to showcase the colour and leather...
  7. Oh, that is a good point!!!! I will try to get some pictures from Aloha Rag, but I don't really know how to tell from pictures how the leather will be like, thick/thin, squishy or not and veins or non veiny. I looked on the thread with pics showing veins vs non veiny and I thought that both were somewhat veiny. I don't think my eye is trained yet. I would like one that is thicker and squishy with less veins. Which leather color is more like that or does it depend from bag to bag?
  8. Omg, hearing this makes me so excited :yahoo:. I just want to go see and touch one in person. I want to order from AR to save on the tax though :angel: .

    Do you think that carrying a blueberry with jeans is too much blue? Could someone with a blueberry first please post pics wearing it :nuts: ?
  9. Talula (I looovee your screenname btw!), don't worry about the size. I am the same height as you, and both the city and twiggy don't swamp my frame. You might wanna check those out IRL to determine how they fit exactly.

    From your description, I'd say blueberry (even though I think grenat would work just as well). Bal would probably be making another similar shade of grenat (like bordeaux) sometime in the future so I don't think you'll be in too much of a loss. Besides, there's always Ebay when you get hopelessly addicted, LOL.

    For my first bbag, I had a white city because I didn't have any bag in white and white is well, the color that goes with virtually everything. So that was the safest bet for me :yes: If you are really worried though, then I'd say go for the absolute neutrals (white or black) and you'll definitely be safe.
  10. Thanks pyrexia! Congrats on your new agenda! Yeah, I think I will try to go to NM to check out the different sizes in person first before I buy anything. I just decided on a first b/c it's more in my price range. I'm too inexperienced to try Bal bags on ebay, plus for my first bag I want it to be brand new.

    After reading your responses, I think I'm leaning slightly toward the blueberry too. I like blue, but I've just never had a richly colored blue handbag before so I might have to ease into it.
  11. I vote for the blueberry as well. I think it would look great with jeans.
  12. blueberry
  13. i vote for grenat. i have a thing for burgundy colored bags so i'm biased.
  14. Tough choice, these are two of my favorite colors from this season. I think you're right that grenat will go with a little bit more, but I think blueberry is very versatile as well. I had a blueberry city and sold it (which I regret) and thought it went great with jeans (I'm sure you can find pics. on the forum somewhere of someone wearing it with jeans, try the photos only thread).

    And like others have said, it is less likely that Bal will come out with a color similar to blueberry again. On the other hand, grenat is very similar to bordeaux from last fall and it seems likely there will be similar colors again.
  15. I get the impression from your original message that you have a preference for Blueberry ( you didn't mention being afraid they'd never come out with another Grenat...). So, just based on that, I'd say go with where your heart is and get Blueberry (don't worry about wardrobe issues ... true love is all that matters here!!!). ;)