please help me choose my first b-bag -- plomb?

  1. Hi,

    I have been loving seeing and reading all about your gorgeous bags. Please help me choose my first b-bag.

    I have been wanting a PT or city for a while -- preferably in a dark neutral colour. Initially I thought black, the most basic, classic colour. But I also do really like the look of plomb/steel. Those of you who own one, what does the colour look like IRL? (I have only seen the black in the flesh.) Is it a very dark grey? Does it change colour depending on time of day, natural vs artificial light etc? How would you describe it? Also, how has the leather and colour worn and aged? Is the colour fading? I wouldn't like it to go any lighter. Please share your experience.

    I also like mogano but I think plomb fits my wardrobe and colour preference better. I wear a lot of grey, black, with white, dark denim also, not much brown ... Would mogano work with this? While I really like it steel is more me. But I'm prepared to change my mind!

    Finally, city or PT? Plomb PT seems hard to find. I like the longer handle and strap of the PT and think I am tall enough to wear it (5'10") but the city is a great shape also. I love the work too but for now prefer a bag with a shoulder strap.

    Thanks for your help.
  2. I have a plomb city and I love it! It is very dark grey, which is good because you don't have to worry as much about getting it dirty and darkening handles. If you want a great neutal that isn't black, I think that it is perfect. I would choose the city over the PT, but that is because I love the city!!! I will post pictures of my plomb for you in a bit!!
  3. Here is my plomb, and my plomb with black.
    plomb.jpg plomb2.jpg plomb3.jpg
  4. I have a Plomb City and a Black Twiggy and the Plomb is more like a gunmetal grey and is a great alternative to Black. I lucked out and got a thick, soft and chewy one and absolutely love it! I also prefer the City and am probably going to sell my Twiggy for a Black City. Let us know what you decide!:tup:
  5. I vote for plomb! I've posted these many times but here you go:



    Compared to black:

  6. Here's my Plomb GSH Work again!
    The leather is especially smooshy and great to touch.
    It actually looks like a light black if you do not compare it side by side with a true black.
    Anthracite is another color option but may be harder to find.

  7. plomb is a great color!! Its such a great alternative to black.. i love mine as much as i did the day i bought it!!
  8. love plomb! it is a perfect color for your first b-bag. just like black, it is another classic beauty. go for the PT.
  9. I vote for plomb... My city with SGH has the most amazing leather and the colour is a great neutral. I also think in some lights it has a hint of blue with the grey... hope that helps!
  10. Plomb city gets my vote!
  11. Thanks everybody.

    The comparison shots of plomb with black really help. I think I will go for a plomb city (cannot find a plomb PT). I will let you know what I decide.
  12. Could you tell me why you prefer the city to the twiggy? I was also looking at the Twiggy and like the shape a lot. I'm interested in how it compares to the city, in terms of how you carry it, how it hangs on your body, how you use it.