Please Help Me Choose My Bag For Tomorrow

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  1. Hello all! I think I am ready to decide between these two bags: Mono Speedy 30 or Mono NF MM. Which one is the better choice? Thank you!:ty:
  2. I Like the Mono NF MM , I think it's a great looking bag and from what people say it's very functional! Plus I am a shoulder bag kind of girl the speedy would drive me nuts if I wasn't able to put it on my shoulder If I needed to! Good Luck Deciding!!
  3. I think both are great choices and would compliment each other as hand/shoulder bags. I'm carrying my Speedy 30 more right now so that's my vote of the two :yes:
  4. Speedy is a classic and although I don't own one yet (it is on my wishlist!) I think every lover of LV should have one!:tup::tup:

    Have fun deciding!:balloon::balloon::balloon:
  5. Wow this is a hard choice! if you don't have much to carry go with the speedy. both are great bags...please let us know what you decide!
  6. speedy 30 because its a classic
  7. Thanks guys...this is helping...still deciding!
  8. If you are concerned about size, you may want to consider the Speedy 35. It is very roomy. I tried it on at LV and it was love at first sight!!!:love:
  9. Functionality and ease to carry around: Neverfull
    Classic design: Speedy

    Im just slightly worried about NF's handles. They are so thin and Im afraid they break easily. But I agree with PurseKindaGal- speedy will drive me insane too. Shoulder bags are better than handheld in my case.
  10. If it is your first LV... I will definitely go for the Speedy... it is such a classic ;)
  11. Speedy for sure.
  12. speedy 30..
  13. I'd say Speedy 30, if you are not a shoulder bag kind of person. I bought a NF in azur last week which in my opinion looks better than the other NFs and I'm sure it will be a perfect summer bag. But the speedy is classier, the quality is higher and fits almost any occasion.
  14. Speedy for a first, always!!
  15. speedy, not a NF fan