Please help me choose my 1st Burberry!

  1. After lusting over Burberry bags for a good 10 years now, I've finally decided to take the plunge and buy one. I am so excited. I feel like the Nova Check pattern is so classic and will never go out of style.

    I've narrowed it down to these two bags:


    I'm worried that the 2nd one may be a bit too big b/c it's 17.5" long. As a point of reference for size, right now my Longchamp La Pliage (medium) is my go-to bag. It comfortably holds everything that I need to carry.

    Which one would you go with? The 2nd one is more stylish IMO, but the 1st seems like the perfect size! Also, the 2nd one only has a 6" drop so I would have to carry it in my hand as opposed to over my shoulder.

    Thanks so much for your help!
  2. I like them both- but I think the supernova has an extra bag kick!
  3. I love the first bag it zips shut :O)
  4. If I was choosing for a bag I'm going to use for a long time I'd choose the Nova.
    If I wanted somethiong more special I'd choose Supernova.

    But in general, I like shoulder bags more so I'd go with Nova. lol. Both are pretty in their own ways.
  5. I prefer bags with short handles (I find them more elegant, they go well with a pair of jeans and a black suit), so that would be the one on the second picture.
  6. I would go with the first one it's very nice and classy. :okay:
  7. I saw this one in outlet the other day. I'm not sure wehther they are the same size but the one I saw is big but not too big. It said half price on label but after discount the price is similar to the original price on the US website. :crybaby:

  8. I have the first bag you posted. I've been lusting after it for a while and received it as a Christmas gift. I ADORE this bag. It's the perfect size, weight, and is comfortable on my shoulder or on my arm or in my hand. Plenty of room and I LOVE that it zips shut.
    Happy shopping!
  9. Do you currently have shoulder bags or handbags?
  10. i prefer the second one.
  11. I just bought the first Nova one for my new year gift. It is perfect in terms of size and zip top. This bag seems not big but can carry lots of things, inlcuding large books and papers. I love it and carry it everyday to everywhere and got lots of compliments.
  12. Supernova for me but if this is your first, Nova should be the way to go and start building up. Good Luck with your decision!
  13. I LOVE the first one, the Nova Check Bag. I have the older style of it, but it doesn't have all those pockets that one has. Very comfy on the shoulder and holds a ton of stuffs!