Please help me choose: Modeling pics

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  1. #1 Jul 7, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2009
    Hi Everyone,
    So- If you read my prior post- I was torn b/w the Red Square and the new Timeless Classic. I thought it might help you help me decide w/ some visual aid:biggrin:. Which one do you think is a keeper? Which bag would you personally keep??? Thanks in advance everyone ^_^





  2. I will keep the Timeless Classic,IMHO it looks nicer on you than the Red Square.Good luck deciding!;)
  3. First of all, they both look great on you. :nuts:I have the timeless classic in that color and love it - get tons of compliments on it as well. And the timeless classic is caviar leather so it can take a bit more of a beating, etc. I really like the red square too but think I love the timeless classic more. Good Luck with your decision!
  4. timeless classic :smile:
  5. I don't like the timeless classic so I vote for the Red Square Tote.
  6. if i were to look at the bags alone, I would definetly vote for the red square... love the big size and the cute CC charm

    but on you, definetly going with the timeless classic, the size just fits better with your body.. the red square seems too big & rectangular on u... haha
  7. ^ i agree - timeless classic looks better on you :yes:
  8. Definitely timeless classic!!!
  9. I vote for the red square.
  10. another vote for the Timeless Classic :smile:
  11. I think you should keep the timeless classic..the accordian looks great on you!
  12. i like the timeless classic accordian flap on you more!
  13. Tough? guess it depends on your lifestyle...if you're more casual...I'd say the red square but if you're more dressy...I'd say the classic? :girlwhack:
    Sorry I'm not much help but they both look great on you! :okay:
  14. i vote for the red square tote. i think it looks great on you, very trendy. the timeless seems more mature on you. :P
  15. timeless classic.