Please help me choose LV

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  1. #1 Jun 23, 2019
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2019
    I'm planning to buy my first LV bag on my upcoming vacation in EU.
    I need a small crossbody work bag / weeked as I do not carry much stuff (tiny folding umbrella, phone, small cosmetic pouch, car key and coin purse). Actually these can fit in my Gucci S Disco or Mulberry Mini Alexa. Most of my working outfits are pants and oxford shirt with loafers or Keds.

    Please help me decide between these options,
    1. Siena PM
    2. Rivoli PM
    3. Croisette
    4. Pochette Metis
    5. or these Gucci Ophidia Small / Crossbody (mom's choice :biggrin:)

    Thank you. I am very appreciated for your help.

    LOUIS-VUITTON-Siena-PM-Damier.jpg Rovoli LV.jpg Croisette LV.jpg Louis_Vuitton_Monogram_Pochette_Metis-3.jpg Gucci Ophelia S Tote.jpg Gucci Ophidia Cross.jpeg
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  2. I just returned from Central Europe and purchased the Pochette Metis Empreinte (Creme) in Vienna. With what it costs in the states the savings was around $700.00. The Monogram PM wasn't on my radar. Although it is extremely hard to come by in Central Europe (my guess all of Europe). Get there early, if one of your stops is in Vienna the SA mentioned they get daily deliveries around 10 am. LV in Vienna has 3 floors with a great selection/collection (Warsaw, Budapest and Prague small boutique). I love the PM and for its size it holds a lot (zoe wallet, sunglasses, cell phone, coin purse, keys, mints, lipstick and compact). Still have quite a bit of room left. I did stop into Gucci and decided to pass on the handbags with the fabric stripe. I'm so super picky and didn't want to deal with the fabric stripe getting fuzzy and piling. What matters is what you like. For functionality the PM is superb all around.
  3. I love the Croisette!
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  4. I originally loved the croisette myself but when I looked at it in store, I was unimpressed by the size (smaller than I imagined). The Pochette Metis is an amazing size, I have one myself, and will def fit the small umbrella. Not a fan of the other choices.
  5. Pochette Metis
  6. I saw a croisette the other day in damier azur with a honey patina. Absolutely gorgeous!!
  7. Siena pm - it’s a great crossbody and shape is very soft and pretty with the curves and pleats.

    Also, how abt the speedy b 25? Too casual?
  8. I vote for the Siena. I would never buy no more the PM because if the poor quality.
    I have sold my PM empreinte after 3 months because of quality issues!
    If you will have the bag for a longer time you shouldn’t buy the PM!
  9. If i can do it all over again i will chose the Siena pm as my first Lv bag. its carefree, its a zipper bag, has short handle and a long strap that is adjustable and a lightweight bag. Can dress up and down. I Has red interior and compartments. haven't heard any issue about this bag. Plus its carefree. GLD
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  10. I think your items would fit better in the Siena pm or Rivoli pm. Since you want to also use it for work I vote for the Siena pm.
  11. My vote would be for #1 Siena for what you're planning to put inside. Looks like it would be a comfortable cross-body shape/thickness. Can definitely use it for personal and business.

    I have wanted the Pochette Mettis for the longest time; especially with the Monogram Reverse Canvas, but when I went to look at it, it was much smaller in size than I had imagines. I'm also not a big fan of bags that have a clasp closure for bags I would use on a daily basis because (for me) it's a pain to open and close it that way all day long.

    Must be so exciting to shop for your first LV bag! Good luck!
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  12. Metis has my vote! Good luck exciting days ahead for you!!!
  13. Thank you very very much. Your suggestions help a lot. Let's see what I will get on my trip to Belgium :biggrin:
  14. Have you tried on Gucci Ophidia Medium tote in person? It is a beauty... Don't overlook that one!!
  15. I love the Rivoli! Such a pretty bag and it’s easy to dress up or down. I also love that it can be carried three different ways (hand/arm, crossbody, or shoulder). Also check out the Speedy B. I think the 25 or 30 would be perfect.
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