Please Help Me Choose Leather for Golden Birkin.

  1. I have been wanting a gold birkin. Since the color varies from leather to leather type, I wonder which is best - gold in Togol, Clemence, or Epsom? Please help me choose and tell me why? Thank you for your help.
  2. Togo in gold would be nice. Another leather that looks great in Gold is swift.
  3. Here is a gold togo in a 35 with ph for you to think about. I love gold in togo b/c it's so rich in color.
    b 2.JPG b3.JPG
  4. I think gold togo is nice. Togo sometimes can be veined though. I think gold clemence is a little darker. Both clemence and swift are softer so you might get a slouchier bag if you don't store her properly.

    Now you also have to choose between palladium and gold hardware. Palladium would give it a younger look, but most people prefer the warmth of gold on gold for a more classic look. Totally up to each person though!

    Good luck!
  5. I love mine, CHRISTIFLORA.........Gold Togo, because the Togo holds the color really well, IMO.
  6. Ohhh, I'm with in SWIFT!!!!!!:yes:
  7. I've got a gold togo birkin and the color is just glorious. Love it!
  8. I love Togo leather, I think gold birkins look fabulous in this combination, and also it's scratch resistant so it will hold up really well!
  9. Gold Togo or Clemence. Clemence is a little slouchier but makes the gold even deeper and more rich!
  10. Togo!!
  11. Togo is definitely my favorite!!
  12. Christiflora, I think that gold is a beautiful colour in any leather. I personally don't like it as much in VL because it's a lighter colour but many people love it.

    I think what leather you should get depends more on the size of the birkin & whether you prefer the bag to maintain its shape or be slouchier. I prefer swift more in a 30 than 35, as I like more pattern on the larger expanse of leather - like togo or fjord. Also, swift is lovely & soft but will smoosh & probably get batwings over time, so you'd want to be OK with that. Clemence is also a slouchy leather. I like my 35 birkins to be stiff & maintain shape & I was also looking for something that would be hardy, so I have ordered gold fjord. I saw a large plume in this leather & fell in love with it. :love: Fjord is hardy but supposed to be heavier than other leathers. It also has quite a large grain which, to my eye, looks better on larger sizes than small (if you can contend with the weight). HTH
  13. togo gets my vote
  14. Gold togo is beautifully deep and rich. I especially love it with gold HW but I think it looks good in palladium too.
    Have not seen gold in swift or epsom. I also have a gold courchevel which is a discontinued leather and it looks a lot lighter than my gold togo, somehow more dressy and refined. I love the lighter gold too. It just seems to me Hermes does gold really well and in any leather it is going to be beautiful.
  15. Although I like my Gold Clemence, I still prefer Togo as a leather overall--feels a bit heartier, and I like that. I haven't had any slouching yet, but I've only had mine for a short period of time and don't use it daily. Somewhere in the forum Flossy took pictures of Gold in Clemence and in Togo side by side...let me dig around a bit and see if I can find it.
    CIMG2272.jpg CIMG2579_2.jpg