Please help me choose lady dior color!


Jan 16, 2019
I’m hoping you could help me decide on a color of my first lady dior. I decided on a medium size with Lambskin and initially thinking black but now I’m considering pearl grey (and maybe iron grey) and indigo blue as well. I’m turning 40 and hoping to use this classic beauty for many years to come. Any advice is very much appreciated! Attached are the pics my SA sent me. Thank you so much!


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Jan 20, 2012
I like that indigo one best but then again I rarely get light colored bags as I would have to baby it too much from color transfer etc.... That said I think the darker blue might go well with jeans and many other colors. It depends on what you mostly wear though!


Jan 16, 2019
Thank you for your feedback!
I don’t wear jeans, mostly black or dark colored pants or colored summer dresses.

I realized I have collected many cute colored bags (especially pink) over the years (my last purchase was alma bb epi in rose ballerine) but now that I’m getting order, I want to get something in a versatile color that I won’t get tired of in 10-15 years. I have two little kids now and medium lambskin is not practical for my current lifestyle, but this will change in a few years and I have a lot of mini bags for daily use so instead of the mini or mylady, I wanted to get a medium lady dior before the price increase.

Having said that, I thought the first pearly grey is beautiful but should I get the black with gold hw? I have a black Chanel (not a traditional one, a limited edition with patterns) and Prada and Chloe mini bags in black.
I think this will be a special occasion bag at least for the next few years.

If you guys have any more suggestions I really appreciate it. Thanks so much!
Jun 18, 2012
That indigo is absolutely stunning. Would it work with the dark colored pants?

If you wear black and colors, the grey would likely work best.

Black is safe but, honestly, if you can make the indigo work, I’d go for that beautiful color!


Jan 16, 2019
Yes the indigo blue is very beautiful too, I have to see if I can own it since that’s a new type of color for me.

For those who have seen the pearly grey, do you think it’s too shiny or too young looking? It seemed shiny or silver like depending on a lighting especially on a video.


Nov 4, 2018
I am in the exact same boat: two small kiddos, looking at the medium for daily use and night out, and wanting a bag that can transition from day to night. The indogo is very pretty, but I’m also leaning toward a grey. Seems more versatile, and having a few black options I want to switch it up. The first grey is beautiful!


Nov 3, 2015
I had the same question last year. I really like the grey from the picture. After I went to boutique, I like black one the most, maybe it’s my skin tone. Is there a way you can go and try them on? I don’t think grey is too shiny or young. It’s a great color too.