Please help me choose! If you can only have one...


Please help me choose! If you can only have one...

  1. black reissue

  2. black classic

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  1. would you buy a black reissue or a black classic flap? They are both beautiful and will last a lifetime but I want to know if there are people who feel very strongly towards one or the other. Price and size is not an issue though I probably wouldn't get a jumbo in either since I'm so puny. Thanks so much!
  2. reissue!!! LOVE the reissue!!
  3. Buy both......LOL.....then pretend to your SO/PHH that they are the same bag..heehee
  4. i have both in black and prefer the reissue
  5. RE-ISSUE!!!

    It's the original, and the most beautiful, in my opinion!
  6. That might work with my SO but it won't work with me! LOL!!! :nuts: I wish I could!!!
  7. I would have to say Re-issue too! Boy, do I want one! Though Jill's advice is pretty good. I don't think most hubbies would be able to tell the difference.
  8. Love, love, love the reissue!
  9. I love both but prefer the classic flap.:shame:
  10. Get the Reissue! :smile:
  11. Reissue for sure.
  12. i'd say the black reissue, if its the 2005 limited edition one!
  13. oh boy this is a tough one!! I would say... BOTH! Can't really choose... I have the classic flap, but I want to buy a black reissue too! :biggrin:
  14. What's the difference? :shame: I thought it was just the stamp in the interior that says it was 2005. Is the leather or design different?

  15. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: that is hilarious, and probably what I should do in the same situation . . . my very sweet but bag-clueless DH goes by color ONLY. If it's black, it could be any designer/any style . . . all the same to him! :shrugs: Used to annoy me, now I think it's ;) a good quality!