Please help me choose hoops

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  1. I'm interested in seeing what replies you get. Sometimes I think hoops are out of style and I wear studs only.

    Other times I see ladies wearing them but they are very thin hoops which look nice.

    I don't think I'd wear the chunky ones we used to. The pictures you have are of very nice hoops though.
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  2. I think hoops are as classic as studs. I would go with a thinner version of #1
  3. I have all studs now so I want something a little dangly.
  4. I agree that hoops are classic, I don’t see them as being out of style at all. I see women of all ages wearing them on a daily basis.

    All three pairs are nice, but my vote would be for the first pair as they are the most classic - maybe ones that are a little thinner would be more versatile though.
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  5. 3! Love these

    1st are too thick, don’t like the 2nd at all. I think huggies and small hoops are classic, but big hoops come in and out of style.
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  6. I like the first, the size and thickness, too. For some reason I don't like thin hoops. Just my opinion.
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  7. Oooh, I love very large, thin hoops on myself! I wore those as a teenager and they looked smashing on me, haha! :ps:

    I have, sadly, not worn that style since as I think they look kind of (read very) Jersey Shoresque, but boy do I miss them sometimes. I only wear studs or pearls now, most days I don't even wear earrings... Occasionally something "long", but that happens once in a blue moon. Actually about once in a five years time now that I think about it...

    Sorry for OT, I got a bit nostalgic, I came here to say that those smaller and chunkier hoops looks way more "classy" and "in style" than the ones I wore ages ago. Hoops can looks very elegant if styled right. I would not hesitate to rock one of the pairs you posted, if they would suit my face. Sadly the larger the hoop the more proportionate it will look with my facial features. That said, have you tried any of the pairs on? At least on myself there is a big difference in how good a hoop looks at me, from hoop to hoop. I may be making a bigger deal out of this than it needs to be, but my advice would be to go and try them all on before deciding.
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  8. I love all 3. But 1 and 2 are my favs.
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  9. I wear hoops every day. I alternate between a classic 14k gold pair and a little larger white gold set. For your first pair I would get a classic round.
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  10. I love a big classic hoop. I wear them every day, most of them purchased from this site. Great quality and prices. Plus a lifetime warranty.
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  11. Hoops will never go out of style...they are classic. Love the first pair but they look quite large. If you are used to studs, you should try them on first!
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  12. Love the RC...a little bit different :heart:
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  13. I would go with a slightly smaller and slightly thinner version of the first option. If you can, you should try a few different sizes in that specific style before purchasing, to see which size will suit you the most.

    I absolutely love hoops and wear them frequently.
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  14. Definitely try different sizes to see how they look against your face shape/features - I had a pair of 30mm hoops which didn’t suit me at all, but both my 40mm hoops and 25mm hoops look great!
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