Please help me choose Grenat Box or Twiggy?

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  1. Gah! Can't decide on the box or twiggy. help please:yes: Below are pics of me holding a twiggy and a box. Which looks better? :nuts:

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  2. twiggy
  3. Twiggy looks perfect on you !
  4. Well, both styles look very cute on you, but I think that grenat looks better in larger sizes, so I say twiggy.
  5. I like the twiggy better. It just seems more proportional. Like it completes you.
  6. I think the box looks better on you!!
  7. Do the box and the twiggy have the same length straps?
  8. I am voting for box style. BTW what is the color of your box in the pic??? Its so pretty:drool:
  9. I vote Twiggy! :love: It loses that "long" shape to it very quickly. Mine seems to have shrunk an inch in length since carrying it for a few weeks and using LMB products!
  10. It's Cornflower. Sadly it's gone to a new home since that photo
  11. Box!
  12. I vote for Box
  13. I totally love my twiggys - totally GO THE TWIGGY!

    PS: its coz i carry so much junk with me! hehe
  14. Box!!
    But the twiggy looks fab on you too.
  15. i love the box, but the twiggy looks better on you imho.