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  1. I want to get my MIL some H china for Hanukah/ Christmas. I think she would like the Africa pattern in red/yellow. I have gone back and forth and what she would like. I did a little covert research to get a feel for getting something she would use. I know I want to get her a tea set I just have no idea of number of settings. Here is the deal. Both MIL and FIL drink tea during the day, they always have tea when they get Chinese take-out. When we come over, they serve us tea.

    Here is the question. Should I get MIL a tea service for 2? This would make the tea service really something special for her alone. Should I get her a tea service for 6? This would give something nice for serving guests and she wouldn't have to constantly brew tea during the day as she drinks it.
  2. I say get it for 2 for now....and if you find her using it alot get her more next time you need a present!
  3. ^^Wise words!
  4. I agree with Guccigal Good advice!
  5. Yes, a set for 2 which you could add to for Mother's Day and other holidays.
  6. GG excellent idea!!! That takes the pressure off. If it turns out she is not crazy about it, you haven't spent as much and if she likes it you know what to get her in future!
  7. Bianca - is the teapot a different size, or are the number of cups the only difference? If the teapot is larger for six, I vote for that. I like to make a lot of tea at once.
  8. bp, what a lovely gift idea! I voted for the tea for 2 option. :smile:
  9. I vote for "tea for two" It is a great gift idea!
  10. GG, you're on a roll today, My Girl!

    tea for Two vote here, too!

    I LOVE "africa"...I collect it in green.
  11. Tea for Two is my vote too!!!!
  12. I just bought an H tea set for 2 for my MIL two weeks ago! I know my MIL likes these kind of stuff. I am thinking of getting those huge breakfast cups for myself!
  13. Thank you everyone for your advice. I think I now know what I will do. guccigal and hummingbird great advice. I like the buy and add-on idea. I will get her the 6-cup teapot for now and will add more teacups and saucers later.

    allaboutbags, I have one of the breakfast cups in the Siesta Island pattern that I use at work. I like having it to look at during the day.
  14. Tea for two........
  15. She is very lucky to have you!