Please help me choose- Cartier small vs full pave or VCA

Which bracelet?

  • Cartier small pave love YG

    Votes: 81 69.8%
  • VCA perlee YG diamond clover bangle

    Votes: 36 31.0%

  • Total voters


Dec 15, 2022

I am having a hard time deciding between Cartier small pave love YG or VCA perlee diamond clover bangle in YG. I currently have JUC YG diamonds, panthere watch YG diamonds, pave YG love ring, YG love wedding band, and small JUC YG ring. Thank you!
Generally I would say l love the VCA bangle more. However, on you a small pace Cartier is so much better. It looks just perfect stacked and with all your other Cartier jewelry. It’s just perfection. VCA bangle looks a bit out of place. It would look great on its own.

Pop Art Suzy

Art is My Life!
Sep 20, 2013
I voted for the pave. It looks beautiful with your regular Love and JUC, and I feel the VCA competes with your Love too much. It's just too overwhelming. The small pave is just exquisite and pairs perfectly with your regular Love and JUC.
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Apr 21, 2011
I originally went in set on the full pave YG love bracelet but as much as I love it on other people, I felt like it looked a bit masculine on me. The small pave is lovely but a bit underwhelming on its own. I feel like it compliments my YG love bracelet well but isn’t a great stand alone piece (especially for the price). The perlee is lovely and very feminine. They are similar in price but you get more carat weight diamonds for the perlee. I’m still trying to decide but will need to decide soon.
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