Please help me choose Bulga color!!! (pics)

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Please choose my Bulga color! (pics)

  1. amore

  2. jazz

  3. aqua

  4. eggplant

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Which one??? I wear mostly black, brown, navy and carmel colors. I just can't decide!!!!:confused1: :shrugs:

    Please advise me!!!! Thanks!!!!! HELP ME PLEASE!!!!:yes:

    The colors are amore, jazz, aqua, or eggplant!





  2. Aqua and amore would certainly give a nice punch of color, but I think jazz and eggplant would work beautifully with the colors you've mentioned. I *love* the jazz bag.
  3. Eggplant! I think it would be the most versatile with the colours that you mentioned!

    I wish you well,

  4. eggplant is gorgeous and would work great with the colors you said you wear

    (and it's so darn hard to find an eggplant Balenciaga that we can forgive ya for getting a Bulga!!):upsidedown:
  5. Hi zac! I voted for jazz because I think it would work best with the colors you mentioned.
  6. I have the eggplant bag; it's beautiful and works for dark colors and light.
  7. i think the eggplant one is my favourite :smile:
  8. LOL Redney!:lol:

    That's why I need my Bbag girls to help me! All these colors remind me of Balenciaga colors! They remind me of rose, turquoise, anis and eggplant!!!
  9. LOL, totally, Zac!!:lol: I followed the link to this poll from your post on the bbag forum!
  10. You've gotta get the Bulga in eggplant. I like that colour best especially for fall and winter. The other colours are to summery for me.
  11. I would pick the eggplant. :smile:
  12. i voted for jazz...i think it'd go well with your closet.
    and i think its enough color to really give an outfit a POP but not a 'loud, look at me !' POP.
  13. I'm loving the 'plant. STUNNING with the colors you wear and looks really rich. Plus it's gonna be cold in MA soon and we need jewel tones to feast our eyes on....:yes: I cast my vote!
  14. Thanks Kitskats!!! I really am now deciding between the eggplant & jazz. Do you live in MA too?
  15. Hiya, zacarooni!:heart: I voted for jazz. :smile: